Why it is necessary to express your love & feelings

Why it is necessary to express your love & feelings

There are different kind of people in this world. Some are very expressive they just can't hide their feelings, their emotions and thoughts running inside their mind. But there is a category of people who never let others know what is running inside their mind. 

Sometimes this nature may put them in trouble as they can be misinterpreted which can loosen the bond in their relations, can affect their work, their success and most importantly their own attitude, their confidence and peace of mind.

Here is a short story about a small girl how her feelings got ruined by her father for the lifetime....

There was a girl named Ritu, she was a cute little 10 year old girl. Ritu loved her father very much.

One day she told her father that all her friends go to the canteen during lunch and eat the yummy and freshly made cupcakes.

Everyday she gets tempted to eat them so she asked for some pocket money to buy the delicious cupcakes and relish them along with her friends.

Her father agreed with a notice that no cupcakes everyday as they are not very good for the health. Ritu nodded her head with acceptance of the notice that she would not ask for the money next time.

Next day as she entered the school, she saw everyone is busy in some important discussion, she just jumped among the group to catch up the conversation.

So the matter was "Father's day" is coming and each one of her friends are planning for a wonderful and unique gift for their fathers.

Ritu also started thinking of a beautiful gift for her father as today she was extremely happy for getting the pocket money.

Now she almost forgot the cupcakes as her mind was fully indulged into buying a perfect gift for her father.

She knew that father would never give her any money again to buy a gift for him so she thought of saving this money and buying a gift for father.

Before this age she could just made greeting cards at home but now 10 years is a mature enough to buy something from her pocket money. She was super excited.

She skipped her cupcakes and after the school she went to a nearby shop and looked for a gift which could fit into her small budget.
father and her loving daughter ritu
Finally she found a beautiful tie pin which would look awesome on her father's tie with coat. She just filled with amazement and imagined her father wearing that tie pin and loving her daughter for gifting him such a beautiful gift.

So she bought it and waited for the next day to give a nice surprise to daddy.

early morning she got up and went to her father who was getting ready for the office. She took out her gift and placed it on daddy's tie with a singing "Happy father's day dear daddyy".

But, Daddy's response was totally different from what she expected...

Daddy loved the gift very much inside his mind but first he asked her - "from where you got money for this??"

Ritu: Daddy you gave me money for cupcakes so I saved them for your gift.

Daddy: [in a rude voice] hmm, that means you did not have your cupcakes that day??

Ritu: No Daddy, your gift was more important to me.

Daddy thought if I will appreciate her deed, she will again ruin her desires and do such things again in life. So he started scolding her badly.
tie pin, father's day gift for daddy

Daddy: Who told you to waste money like this, you could buy your cupcakes and enjoy them, I don't like such gifts, why to give gifts on any such day... blah blah blah!!!

And countless tears started coming out from Ritu's eyes. This incident gave a wrong impression that giving any gift to father or to anyone is useless, it is waste of money.

And along with this somewhere in the deep corner of her heart her feelings for her father changed from a loving person to a rude person.

What if father would have showed her love and liking the gift, may be Ritu could understand the value of feelings.

Now she started worrying before giving any gift to any one. This fear remained with her throughout her life.
girl crying, emotional, feeling bad

So, we must be very careful about our words, expressions and we should take care of the feelings of a person who is giving you a gift.

Although father here also cared for her daughter as if she wouldn't have bought the gift she could enjoy her tasty treat of cupcakes.

Both are loving and caring for each other but their way of expressing is wrong.

expressing your love in correct way is very very important...  

Let us know in the comments below what do you think about it.. 

Was Ritu correct??

What else father could do to express his feelings and show his care for her daughter??

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