Inspiring story: The power of prayer, planning, & positive words 

prayer, planning and positivity brings happiness & success

Words and actions play an important role in giving direction to our life. We must be very careful about the positive and negative energies associated with our words and actions. 

This whole universe is divided into two types of energies - 
  1. Positive energy is in the form of happiness, success, wealth, good relationships, and all those things which we wish to achieve in our life. 
  2. Negative energy is in the form of sorrow, trouble, poverty, diseases, and everything which we want to get away from.
Sometimes, our surrounding has the power to attract so many positive things for us in the form of success, happiness, health, & wealth but our negative words, feelings, & expressions reflect them back.

               negative energy, positive energy

How you speak to yourself, directly influences how do you experience things in life. If your internal self-talk is negative as - 'Doing Exercise daily is so boring', 'I am not feeling like doing it', 'I am good for nothing', 'No one listens to me' etc. then there are chances that your external experiences in life will be negative as well.

These negative words will generate hurt and sadness. Do you know, the hurt has a strong power to attract negative vibes around you? So you need to convert these negative sentences into positive ones like - 

  • Doing Exercise daily is so boring, I am not feeling like doing it ---  This exercise has so many benefits, it will help me to get a healthy body & mind.
  • I am good for nothing --- I am much more capable of doing whatever I am doing right now.
  • No one listens to me --- I am thankful that I have good people around me, everyone obeys me.
  • I am not earning enough amount of money for my family --- My job is great I am thankful for my job. I am earning a huge amount of money.

Converting these sentences and chanting them every day like a mantra you will attract positive vibes towards you. The only thing is you will need to have patience.

The universe has a system just like a piggy bank. The money put in first will come out first. So till now, you have been attracting hurt & sadness by using negative self-talk so these words will come in return to you first.

               think positive, positive thinking brings happiness

Now as you have started saying life is beautiful, everything is good, I am happy... You will start observing a change in your life as a return gift from the universe.

So here is an inspiring story "The power of prayer, planning, & positive words"

Anny in a difficult situation:

Anny a beautiful and hardworking girl, was working in a small firm. Suddenly an immediate meeting request appeared on her laptop screen. This meeting was organized by the manager of the company to all the employees.

Usually, they used to have a weekly meet every Friday, but today was Tuesday and this meeting request put everyone in dilemma.

              Anny a beautiful girl, meeting request on laptop

Nevertheless, the meeting was about to start in the next 15 mins so everyone got ready to join it on time.

The manager started the meeting with a big announcement that our firm is going to be acquired by a very big, famous, and successful multinational company. With some more details, he finished the meeting with the last message that tomorrow our CEO will join us and give detailed info.

All the employees were glad to hear the news as the merger was with a famous big company, which means they will definitely get a salary hike. No doubt there will be increased work pressure as well, but they will manage it if they will be paid accordingly as well.

So, that evening was a happy evening for Anny and her colleagues. She prayed to god and thanked for the upcoming opportunities coming her way.

The next day the CEO of the firm came and again all the employees were called for the meeting. Everyone was waiting eagerly since morning for this time to hear the good news from their CEO.

                meeting, manager addressing employees

The CEO gave a silent stare at everyone for 1 minute. Anny understood that he is arranging his words inside to start the conversation. With patience, everyone was waiting to hear him.

Now he started speaking - "you all must be aware that we are going to get merged with this big company, so there will be some new rules, policies and a lot of work pressure,  But..."

But??? -  everyone looked at the CEO with curiosity.

But that multinational company has decided that its old staff will handle most of the work, so only a few employees of this company will continue to work here and the rest may have to look for another job. 

We have 3 months to wrap up our old projects, then we will make a list of employees who will continue working with us, based on our requirements. 

This statement gave a sudden shock to everyone. Yesterday's happiness transformed into tension, sadness, and anger in a moment. 

Anny and her friends were tensed. Some of them started complaining to god, some started showing their anger towards the CEO. 

Anny was quiet, she was thinking - "yesterday I thanked God for an upcoming opportunity now how can I blame God for anything happening to me"??

Anny strongly believed that there is an opportunity in every adversity. But her friends were continuously going on blaming God, their firm, their manager & CEO for this.

Anny got a solution:

Anny along with two of her friends decided to go to a nearby park and sit there for the discussion before going home that evening.

One of the colleagues said - "3 months are not enough to prepare and search for a new job that too along with finishing our old projects in the firm."

Another colleague said - " Should we wait for our name to be called in the list of unwanted employees & then start looking for a new job or just pray to be in the required list."

Anny's mind was going somewhere else, she just wanted a positive kick to support her thoughts - "My God is always there with me, God will never let me down, if I am capable enough, no one can stop me to achieve what I deserve."

               tug of war game, pull positivity towards you

While this discussion in the park, they saw some kids were playing the game called "tug of war". 

Those kids drew Anny and her friends' attention as the groups in the game were not equal, so the weak group was continuously encouraging their teammates by so many positive statements like - 

  • Yes, we have the potential.

  • We can do it.

  • We are the strongest.

  • Pray to God to help us.

  • Our inner powers will make us win.

These statements suddenly energized Anny, as she was looking for such positive words. Then she saw the weak team discussed and made a strategy about how, when, and where each teammate has to put effort. 

And finally, the strong team having overconfidence did not put in much effort, and the weak team using positive encouragement, planning, and little praying pulled the rope with full effort and finally WON the game.

How Anny used the power of prayer, planning, and positive words to win over the difficult situation:

Those kids and their small game filled Anny with new energy, & enthusiasm. She understood that with proper planning, positive words, and praying to God, she can do wonders.


               power of prayer, praying makes you strong

After going home, the whole night she prayed to God to show her the right direction. Her prayer was a follows:

  • O Lord, you are always there with me.

  • I am grateful to you for everything you gave me to make my life wonderful.

  • I am grateful to you for giving immense peace, and strength to me.

  • Everything coming in my contact - every person, place, situations, stars, planets, and this whole universe, everything is in my favor.

  • I am lucky, I am full of your graciousness.

This prayer made her so strong that she could feel a new soul inside her. The next day she got up with a new mindset, new courage, and energy.


             planning, set up plan to achieve your goal
She started making a list of her weaknesses and the skills she needs to develop to upgrade herself.
  • Learn any one foreign language.
  • Improve communication skills.
  • Learn a new software skill required for her job.
  • Every morning 15 minutes for meditation, to stay mentally strong.
  • Make a daily planner to utilize each second positively.
  • Stay away from negative people and useless talks.

This planning helped her to manage her time to learn new things along with office work. She fully dedicated herself to her betterment.

To manage so many tasks altogether she needed power. This power she got by chanting a set of positive words every hour - 

               Chant set of positive statements, gain your true potential through positive sentences

  • I m much more capable of doing what I can do.

  • I am committed to having the best time of my life.

  • I am earning a good amount of salary.

  • I am being posted to a higher level in my company.

  • I am working amongst good people.

  • My working area is a safe and beautiful place.

The power of her words did a miracle. Regular practicing this prayer, planning, and positive words for 3 months returned her the most beautiful gift she would have ever thought.

Now, after 3 months her own company secured her for a new post. Also, she had 2 more offer letters from other big companies waiting for her.

               happiness, power of positivity, success

So instead of crying in worse situations, we can convert them into opportunities by just choosing the right words and right actions.

Negative words, sentences, feelings expressed consciously or unconsciously affect us directly or indirectly, so we should try to avoid them in every possible way.

                  I can do it, leave negative words, use positive words

Use your energies positively and tap into your true potential. Use the binocular of your insight to zoom on every small thing stopping you to achieve your goal.

Stay positive!

Team inspiration


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