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Every Indian wishes to have a more powerful, strong, prosperous, and safe nation. The most powerful nation the USA has a 10 times economy as compared to India even China has been growing with 6 times economy than ours.  

The success of a country does not depend only upon its military powers in fact the political processes, the system, the laws, and most importantly its businesses play a major role in the country's growth. 

So here we will see the major areas where we are stepping ahead towards success and then some important ways needed to "make India the strongest country".

The strong milestones leading India towards success: 

Indian army, third largest army in the world
#1 The third-largest Army in the world
  • India has built its army to a very strong level.
  • We have 1,129,900 active and 960,000 reserved troops

#2 The second-largest number of Intenet users in the world

  • The Internet is the future of any country's digital powers. Today we are a Digital India.
  • In spite of the tough times of the COVID pandemic, we are able to streamline our IT industry, education system, and online facilities easily.
                    India is the world's second largest internet user

#3 Satellites and remote sensing capabilities

  • In the year 1999 during the Odisha cyclone around 20,000 people died as we were totally dependent on the USA for satellite data to send signals to us.
  • Now since 2015, our satellite capabilities are far ahead of the United States of America.
  • Our satellite powers are capable of performing various activities like prospect mapping, crop acreage-and-production estimation, fishing zone forecasting, sea temperature calculation, etc.

                      indian satellites, leading India in remote sensing

#4 Nuclear powers, weapons, and reactors 

  • When the other countries were looking for a better nuclear fuel replacement of 'Uranium', Indian scientists already found 'Thorium' in which India is naturally rich and surprised the world.
  • we have 21 nuclear reactors in operation.
  • We have 7 nuclear power plants.

#5 Yoga and Ayurveda became famous worldwide

  • Modern science is now believing in the powers of our ancient assets like yoga and Ayurveda.
  • Many foreigners are coming to India to get the benefit from Ayurvedic medicines.
  • People are learning meditation, deep healing methods from Indian gurus.

#6 First Asian nation and fourth country in the world to reach Mars orbit

  • Indian scientists have raised the Indian flag over MARS to make India the first Asian nation to reach MARS.
  • It is the fourth country in the world who accomplished this mission.
  • Also, we have done this accomplishment very cost-effectively at only 450 crores, which is the least expensive mars orbital mission ever done.

#7 The second-largest IT industry in the world

  • Indian IT engineers are spread worldwide. India's Information technology growth has been monstrous in a few decades.
  • We are the second largest in the world and are leading to become number one.

#8 Best in foreign language skills 

  • India has the world's largest English speaking & understanding population as per Wikipedia.
  • Everyone knows the power of the English language in the 21st century. Without knowing English you can not compete and succeed in the world.
  • India has the second-largest "fluent English" speakers. Second only to the USA.
  • We have the largest workforce of engineers, doctors, and other key professionals, very much comfortable in English.
Now let us throw some light on the issues that are stopping the growth of our country and lacking India behind the other countries.

A solution to make India the strongest country:

each one teach one, restructure education system
#1 Restructuring the education system
  • The base of any system is education so we need to bring tremendous changes in our education system.
  • In 2020 the Indian government brought a new policy for a better education system. We hope to get it implemented the way it has been planned. 
  • See what the new education policy contains for our future generation here  New Education Policy 'NEP 2020'.
  • It is not only the responsibility of the government, but we as nationals need to contribute towards a better system by adopting the method called "Each one -  teach one".
  • Where every person should take care that none of the children in their surroundings should remain uneducated.
  • Spread awareness among poor people, talk to the lower class to educate their kids.
  • If possible donate a small amount for a needy person's education.

#2 Encourage farming and other small scale sectors

encourage farming
  • A major part of the Indian workforce consists of farmers. In the last few decades, thousands of farmers have committed suicide due to either failed crops or high debt.
  • So new technologies must be included for the enhancement of agricultural productivity.
  • Farmers should be given teachings of using the correct type of seeds and balanced use of fertilizers to grow their crops. 
  • Better quality of crops will help in streamlining the demand and supply chain leading in better earning to the farmers.
  • Along with agriculture, other small scale sectors like horticulture, dairying, poultry, fisheries, etc. also need great enhancements and new methods to grow businesses and the Indian economy. 
  • Due to a lack of resources, area, technology, and modern ways of operating the system people are lacking interest in these areas.
  • Unemployed youth should be given proper training in such areas to make India more self-dependent.

#3 Increasing the employment rate

increase the employment rate in India, grow businesses
  • More than 50% of the Indian population is youth. Unemployed youth is a major drawback in India's growth.
  • There are millions of young students passing out every year from so many reputed colleges holding the degree of an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer, an MBA, etc. 
  • After spending a huge amount in their studies they are not getting a good job to earn back even the amount they have spent in their studies.
  • The Indian government needs to aggressively push to open routes for domestic manufacturing to produce well-paid jobs.
  • For electronics, plastics, and even construction areas we are very much dependent on China and other neighboring countries.
  • So we need to grow more business in the country itself to save our country's money and draw manufacturing orders from foreign countries as well.
#4 Healthcare in India
  • the Indian government should spend little more than the proposed amount in health care.
  • Today India spends only 1% of its GDP on healthcare whereas China has this rate up to 3% and the USA spends 8.3%.
  • Our healthcare system must be changed to a preventive system rather than a curative system.
  • The maternal and infant mortality rates must be decreased by proper preventive methods.
  • The government hospitals must have enough staff and the latest types of equipment to take care of the patients.

#5 Scope of tourism and adventure

grow scope of tourism
  • Tourism brings great revenue from the outside world in the country.
  • We should work towards creating more tourist places, making them more comfortable, easy to reach with better roads and hotels.
  • To bring tourists inside the country we need to keep our country clean, green, and safe.
  • Tourism brings an opportunity for the local low skilled population to get good and well-paid jobs.

#6 Promoting Indian food outside the country

promote Indian food in foreign countries
  • Today Indian food is being popular all over the world. So we must open scopes to promote Indian food stores in almost every country.
  • We did not realize when gradually "Dominos", "Pizza hut" and such other foreign food companies introduced in India and became a part of our daily life.
  • In today's lifestyle, every Indian has developed this habit of ordering food instead of preparing it at home.
  • Why can't we learn the dishes and make them here our way instead of encouraging foreign companies into our country?

#7 Promoting the Indian cloth and handloom industry

promote Indian cloth market outside country
  • Indian cloth especially "Khadi" is being popular in other countries now.
  • Instead of buying foreign cloth, we should promote our cloth and handloom industry at a foreign level.
  • Pay attention in the last few years, Chinese cloth has become very famous and spreading its feet in our fashion industry as well.
  • Today all Indians are running behind famous foreign clothing brands without understanding the hidden truth behind it that we are sending our money outside just to show off.
  • Why can't we make them here in India itself? 
  • Is it not possible to make Indian clothes a brand outside instead of adopting foreign brands?

 #8 Become self-reliant in every possible manufacturing field

  • We need to use self-made things as much as possible, whether it may be clothes, electronic gadgets, or anything.
  • There is a possibility of many inconveniences in being self-reliant but once we will start going on that path we will definitely lead our country to a higher level.
  • In the 1960s, we depended on developed countries for wheat. but today our godowns are full of wheat, rice, and other food grains.
  • This thing increases the confidence of the country in the hour of this crisis.
  • Self-sufficiency should be the only goal of us Indians.

So these were some important issues that should be taken care of to "make India the strongest country". The most important step is 'belief'. Our Indian government needs to believe in Indian entrepreneurs to deliver their best in every manufacturing field. Any system is as good as people that man it. 

Let us push ourselves in every possible way towards the betterment of our country. Every individual person is an integral part of a country, so a small contribution from each one of us can make big difference to lead India and make us feel proud to be an Indian.

Be at your best!
Team Inspiration

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