Happiness quotes to stay positive during tough times of coronavirus

During COVID-19 most people are suffering from loads of stress, anxiety, depression, and sadness. But we should remember that feeling sad, depressed, and devastated can never help us to fight against this tough time. So we need to keep on energizing ourselves with positivity and happiness. Happiness is the key to get the strength to fight against any difficulties in life and lead life in a positive direction.

So here are some best & beautiful stress buster "Happiness quotes to stay positive during tough times of coronavirus".

#1 Happy people live long - By Shakespeare

happy people, live long

#2 The first way to please people is to be happy by yourself. 

be happy by yourself

#3 An emotional touch is the most essential thing than a physical touch in today's tough situation.

emotional touch is better than physical touch

#4 The best way to release stress during COVID is to spend time with your child.

spend time with your child

#5 Sadness always walks behind the joy just like the shadow behind the light. The real happy person is who sees both with the same vision.

shadow behind light, happiness

#6 Happiness blossoms all the buds of the heart like spring. 

blossom, spring

#7 Happiness is everywhere, its source is always there in our hearts. - Ruskin Bond

happiness is everywhere

#8 The secret of happiness lies in renunciation!       -  By Andrew Carnegie

renunciation, happiness

#9 The person who has the least complaints about life is the most happier in life!

happy person, less complaints

#10 Happiness brings peace to the soul.

peace to the soul

#11 A day without laughter is the worst day. 
       - by E.E. Cummings

A day with laughter, happiness

#12 Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life and the goal and desire of human existence. Aristotle

meaning of life, desire of human existence

#13 Being amongst nature can help us to become physically and mentally strong!

be amongst the nature

#14 A beautiful smile can change the world around anyone!

beautiful smile

#15 Spread happiness and illuminate the world with positivity!

illuminate the world, spread positivity

#16 A bond of togetherness can overcome any difficult situation!

bond of togetherness

#17 Laugh aloud at your limitations and set yourself free from them quickly.

laugh aloud

#18 Keep on energizing your inner world with happiness and positivity to win the outer world!  

win the outer world

#19 Embrace your fears to live a fearless life!

embrace your fears

#20 Share happiness during tough times by sharing knowledge.

share knowledge, share happiness

#21 Soothe your eyes and mind with the freshness of nature in the morning before electronic gadgets!

soothe youself with nature

#22 Only prayer and meditation can keep you happy and relaxed during this pandemic.

prayer and meditation, relaxation

#23 Music is the best treatment to release work pressure and anxiety.

music is the best treatment

#24 Close your eyes and ask yourself, what is the work that you enjoy the most, and what is the world that calls you for happiness, then only you will be able to make the right decisions of life.
take right decisions of life

#25 A man can be as happy as he can convince his mind. - Abraham lincoln

convince mind

#26 Digital world is a boon during COVID!

digital world, a boon during COVID

#27 Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life!

happiness is not a destination

#28 Every night before sleep ask yourself - How many times did you smile today?

did you smile today

So these were some beautiful "Happiness quotes to stay positive during tough times of coronavirus". Keep on smiling and bring happiness in other's lives too.
Enjoy even the tiniest moment that God is giving you to be happy. Stay positive and stay healthy.

Have a safe and successful life!

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