Restructuring India with new education policy brightening India's future

Strong, developed, self-dependent India

The education system is a very basic building block of any countries development. We have always been comparing our education system with other developed countries and wished that we may also have a better system to make India better.

So the wait is now over, now the Indian government has taken a very good step towards the betterment of our country by "restructuring India with the new education policy brightening children's future". 

Here were some basic excellent points covered in the new education policy that will provide wide grooming of students by bringing a revolutionary change in the old education system.

#1. The borders have been opened between 3 main streams after 10th:

  • Till now after 10th standard students were divided into 3 main categories i.e. commerce, science, and humanities (Arts).
  • But most of the time students have an interest in a variety of subjects. A science student can have an interest in economics as well but with the old system, it was not possible for a student to choose all the subjects of his interest.
  • Till now we were bound to some specific set of subjects.
  • Now with the new policy, a student has the flexibility to choose the subject of his own interest. He can study science and arts subjects together.
  • It is really a wonderful initiative to improve critical thinking, design sense, and creative thinking of the child.
  • Only a counseling method should be implemented to help students to find their interest area.

#2. No language barrier for a good education:

  • Due to the language problems out of 100 tribal children only 20 reach to the high schools.
  • Now the new policy is committed to providing studies in regional language till the 5th standard.
  • There will be a great chance for more enrollments in schools in villages and tribal areas leading to an overall higher literacy rate of the country.
never stop learning due to language

#3. Multiple entries and exit point:

  • There are so many students who leave their education in the middle and not able to get a degree due to financial challenges or family circumstances.
  • All the time and money spent in the study till now get wasted.
  • Now a student can get multiple entries and resume the study even after one or two years.
  • Also, his old records and marks will be saved in an academic bank of credit digitally.
  • If a person leaves studies within one year of the curriculum he will get a certificate.
  • For two years you can get a diploma.
  • After completing a full three-year course or a four-year course, you will get a complete degree.
  • This will definitely increase the enrolments in the colleges and so many people who leave their dreams of getting a degree due to certain reasons can now fulfill their dreams at any time.

#4. Vocational training:

  • Till now students were just taking bookish knowledge.
  • Everyone was running on some fixed paths like engineering, medical, or law to become a good earner in the future without their interest.
  • Now from the 6th standard onwards, a student will get exposure to all kinds of vocational training programs like - coding, pottery, designing, gardening, etc.
  • This procedure will improve the interest area of the child as per his mind and creativity.
  • Also, there will be a huge mindset change in the next generation as all the occupations will be seen in the same eye. This will hugely bring equality and respect for every profession.
  • There will be involvement of vocational experts as a carpenter, an artist, or a designer.
  • This will improve a child's skills and creativity.
  • It will be fun as there will be a bagless period to help kids gain practical knowledge rather than only mugging up books.
new teaching, training, skill development process in NEP

#5. Marksheet makeover:

  • Now the comparison on the basis of only marks will be stopped.
  • The focus will be given on skills and capabilities along with the scores.
  • It was seen many times that a student could not score well due to certain reasons and hence had to leave his interest in that particular subject and choose another stream just on the basis of marks obtained.
  • Students will not be compared only on the basis of their marks.
  • Now the skills, interests, and capabilities will be the main points of analyzing a child. 
  • Also, there is a plan to change the pattern of board exams.
  • There may be a semester system plan.
  • Subjective and objective type exam patterns may be separated.

#6. Digitalization of education system:

  • The new education system is incomplete without digitalization.
  • There are so many plans to take education digital even to the rural areas.
  • Distant learning programs will be very helpful to differently-abled children who can not afford to go to schools.
  • Also, the digital education system will be planned to be available in all the regional languages. 
  • There will be a focus on apps and e-learning courses as well.
  • This is the best way for experts to reach very far distant places.
new skills, new approach through digitalization

#7. Education about Indian heritage skills: 

  • The education about Indian culture and heritage will also be taken care of to expand the valuable heritage skills of India.
  • Handloom, khadi, basic arts of India which can provide us a strong base instead of coying everything from outside countries.
  • European countries always try to save their heritage and culture through education.
  • This will be the best way to make India a more strong country.

#8. Expansion of education:

  • In every state, some of the universities will be designated as research universities and some will be teaching institutes.
  • By 2040 most institutes will be made multidisciplinary institutes.
  • Every district must be having at least one multidisciplinary institute.
  • By 2035 the gross enrollment ratio is to be increased by 50%.
  • Every institute will be established as a non-profit institute with proper audit procedures.
  • There will be a check on the fee structures all the time.
  • All these plans are gemstones for a powerful, strong, self-made country. 
  • All we need to take care of is the execution of the policy should be according to the plan and with full honesty in the betterment of the Indian population.
India strong country, growth and success of nation India

So, these were some basic key points planned by the Indian government "Restructuring India with new education policy brightening India's future" to make India a strong base, self-dependent country.

It is a fantastic approach towards producing quality human resources, equipped with good intellect, content knowledge, keen focus, great analytical skills, values, and attitude.
Hence the new generation will be ready to face the challenges of the future positively and will lead our nation to the heights of success and growth.

With all positive wishes for India and its future!
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