Ganesha birth story with the real deep hidden meaning 

Ganesha real meaning

Ganesha is the Indian God of knowledge, prosperity, success, wisdom, and good fortune. He is a beautiful and powerful symbol of spirituality, faith, and devotion. Also, He is a God of mystery and paradox with so many stories behind his appearance, his existence, and his birth.

So let us dive into the "Ganesha birth story with the real deep hidden meaning".

The insights of Lord Ganesha's birth story:

Lord Ganesha's birth story has been like riddles for the mind to ponder and do not give any literal meaning. We have been listening to this famous yet strange story about his birth but never tried to come across the real meaning behind the story.

So here is the story along with a clarified, meaningful description -
Goddess Parvati once went for a bath and did not want to be disturbed by anyone entering her room, so she made a beautiful boy statue out of the mud.

Meaning - Our body is made up of mud, which can be formed and destroyed at any time, it is not permanent.

After making the statue, Parvati has given life to it.

Meaning - Our mortal body is existing on the earth only because of the life inside us. That is our soul.

With Parvati's blessings, the boy became very powerful, fearless, and intelligent.

Meaning - When a soul acquires a body, the combination becomes very powerful and strong also starts following its own intelligence.

Parvati created Ganesha for her protection and given him the duty of guarding the door until she comes out of her room. Hence considering himself very powerful, involved thoroughly in his own world, and performing his duties honestly he did not recognize Shiva when Shiva arrived in front of Ganesha.

Meaning - We human beings are so much involved in our duties, responsibilities, and surroundings that we do not recognize the real supreme. We are moving around our own ego, personality, power, position, culture, relations, etc. We never realize the inner self of ourselves. As we are body conscious, we are not able to recognize even higher positive vibrations of god around us.

Ganesha did not recognize Shiva and got ready to fight against him. Then Lord Shiva got angry and cut off Ganesha's head.

Meaning - In order to realize the pure, positive, supreme powers of the universe you must lift yourself beyond your materialistic things like your personality, existence, name, position, looks duties, etc. That means such things automatically get cut off when our inner soul realizes the purpose of its existence and meets the universal cosmic powers.

Now Parvati comes out and becomes angry and devastated. She orders Shiva to bring her son back to life again.
Shiva now realizes the mistake but says once a life taken by him can't be given again to the same body. But the only possible way is to bring another head and connect to this body can make the boy alive again. 

Meaning -  Once a soul taken out of a body can't be given back to the same body. It is a universal truth. Every soul comes back to life in another form.

Lord shiva, Father of ganesha

Shiva finds an elephant's head to join to the body. Now Ganesha awakens and realizes Shiva as his father. Parvati worries about his looks as he could be treated as funny amongst people. Because all other gods have a beautiful well-shaped personality. So Shiva requests all deities to bless Ganesha with all the best qualities. Also, Ganesha was blessed to be worshipped in the first place before starting any work to achieve success, prosperity, knowledge, and wisdom.

Meaning - When a soul meets the real supreme power of the universe, it becomes an awakened soul. Just like Ganesha was awakened after knowing Shiva the supreme. 
The divine is the father of every soul.
When you become soul conscious, your body does not mean anything to you. 
Elephant head has great symbolism for a human body to acquire the best qualities to achieve success, prosperity, knowledge, and wisdom.

Here is a detailed meaning of Ganesha's appearance.

The significance of Lord Ganesha's appearance:

  • Big Head: Big head shows think big in life. Great work is an outcome of great thinking always.
  • Small eyes: Small eyes teach us to be focused and visionary in life. A keen focus and far vision are the key aspects of great success.
  • The Trunk: The trunk tells us to be soft as well as strong in different situations. A trunk is very soft to cuddle a baby, but it is strong enough to uproot a tree. Similarly, we should be soft and loving to those who love us but strong enough to take tough decisions in life.  
  • Ears like a sieve: The big ears of Ganesha look like a sieve which screens out the good from bad things. Same way in our daily life, we come across good as well as bad things equally, so it is our own decision to understand and decide what should we go for.
  • Big Stomach: The big stomach is a great symbol of acceptance. You deal with different kinds of people, some of them please you, some tease you, but you are the owner of your mind to accept everyone with all their positives and negatives. Sometimes we accept a person as per our mood. Being in a good mood we forgive big mistakes but being in anger we find it difficult to accept a person. So we should acquire a quality of accepting everyone and treating him as a beautiful soul. You can't change anyone's behavior but you can change your thinking towards him. You can suggest the right way to a person but never expect that someone will change by your teachings. So, accept everyone and everything as they are.
  • Holding Axe in one hand - The axe in his hand symbolizes that you can cut your negativities and your misfortune only through the axe of knowledge.
  • Holding a rope in the other hand - Ganesha holds a rope in one hand showing that on the way of wisdom you have to tie yourself in the discipline.
  • Holding a trident in third hand - The trident in third-hand shows that you are always bound to your past, present and future. So to succeed in any task you should acknowledge your past karma, your present scenario and the future outcome.
  • Holding modak in fourth hand: Life is tough to be given a perfect shape like modak, but if you chose to lead the toughest path of life it will definitely give you sweet results. But always keep the result in front of you. Never accept it with ego.
Ganesha appearance significance

The statue of Ganesha tells us to acquire these qualities to lead a happy and successful life. Establish the significance of Ganesha in your life. To know Ganesha you need to become Ganesha, which means to let go of our outer minds and embrace the unknown supreme powers within and around us.

Lead your life successfully!
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