Life Lessons to acquire from Sushant Singh's 'Dil Bechara' based on the novel 'The fault in our stars'

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"Dil Bechara" the movie based on the novel "The fault in our stars" starring Sanjana Sanghi & Sushant Singh Rajput, has again given us the realization that Sushant is still alive in our hearts. Again the strong inspiring character played by Sushant Singh in the movie forces us to think over our lives and live our life to its fullest by ignoring all the problems, disabilities, and weaknesses. 

A short insight into the movie "Dil Bechara"

The movie has been shot in the beautiful city Jamshedpur and heavenly place Paris. Sanjana Sanghi is starting her career as a lead role in the movie by playing the character named 'Kizie Basu' a young girl who is suffering from thyroid cancer.
Kizie is a character who sees no hopes in living her life and thinks that a story especially a love story never has a happy ending.
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Now comes the main lead role 'Manny' played by Sushant Singh. This character is full of positivity, having a happy smiling face all the time, spreading love and happiness all around. But behind that happiness, there is lots of pain and struggle with life as he is suffering from osteosarcoma  A kind of bone cancer mostly happens in people under the age of 25.

So the pain behind Manny's smile is that his left leg had to be amputated. Still, he loves to live his life to its fullest and spread happiness all around instead of just crying and living in dark.

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So now manny enters in Kizie's life and changes her life fully. He teaches her to live life his way and enjoy life every moment without wasting a single minute.

Learnings from the movie:

Sushant Singh has again played a very strong character to influence people's lives and teach them the basic funda of living life to its fullest. The movie is based on the novel "The fault in our stars", so here are the best learnings from the movie for us - 

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  • None of us are born with perfect star combinations.
  • Instead of so many faults in our destiny, we can enjoy our life every possible way.  
  • Love your life, love the people around you bcoz everyone has some positive and some negative aspects, so just ignore the negativity and acquire the positivity around you.
  • Never blame anyone else for your life as you never get everything you wish. You always get what God has decided for you plus your own deeds lead your life.
  • Instead of crying all the time try to bring happiness in other's life, as when you try to lighten someone's path your way gets illuminated automatically.
  • Many scenes where the character Manny was losing hope but showed a positive attitude in the movie, teach us how to face the toughest times of life and stay positive.
  • The movie teaches us how to be kind to others who are suffering from tough phases physically, emotionally, or financially.
  • Being empathetic is the best way to lead your life in a positive direction, for yourself and for people around you.
  • Live in your present, never worry about the future as your present decides what your future is going to be like.
  • Life is full of twists and turns its fully unpredictable so never keep so many expectations from your life.
  • Instead of getting stick to one hope and ruin the time, resources, and moments you have, it is better to become someone else's hope and make their lives enjoyable.
  • We can not decide our birth or our death but what we can decide is how to live.
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So these were some encouraging and inspiring "Life Lessons to acquire from Sushant Singh's 'Dil Bechara' based on the novel 'The fault in our stars.'

Great to watch Sushant again on screen but the sad feeling is that we won't be able to watch him again in any new inspiring character influencing our life.

After watching the movie you can never believe that a person playing such an inspiring attitude in the movie and inspiring so many lives through the characters played by him all the time could be in so much depression in his real life.


So we hope these life lessons from the movie had inspired you to live your life to the fullest without wasting any moment of it. Please share the post as much as you can to spread your love for Sushant and inspire others too with the great learnings of life.

Stay motivated!

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