Best Learnings From The Life Of The Iron Lady Of Pakistan

Muniba Mazari is called the "Iron Lady of Pakistan" because of her iron built body and iron-strong will power. 

She has lots of titanium rods inside her body to support her broken bones after having met with a major car accident in which half of her body got paralyzed.

She looks like a fighter who fought with her own fears and severe physical, mental, and emotional pain to become a strong woman.

She has established a heroic image of herself in society and now she is fighting for woman empowerment, child violence, gender equality, and children's rights and education as a social activist. 

She has been shortlisted under 100 inspirational women of 2015 by BBC and became the 'National Goodwill Ambassador' for the UN woman council of Pakistan. Also, she got selected in the Forbes 30 under 30 list for 2016.

She is a social activist in Pakistan, a beautiful artist, a melodious singer, an anchor, a great motivational speaker, and the first model using a wheelchair.

Muniba Mazari is a personality who can inspire you to live at your best. She is the one who broke the iron bars of life and showed the world that you can win any adverse situation of your life with courage, patience, and strong will power.


The "best learnings from the life of the iron lady of Pakistan" - Muniba Mazari:

  • Never ask "WHY ME??"
  • Embrace your imperfections
  • A smile can heal everything around you
  • Never feel so small by making your problems so big
  • A glass is always half-filled

Muniba has gone through extremely hard times in her life that we can't even imagine. But those tough phases of life molded her to be more strong and powerful. Let's find out how - 

# Never ask "why me"??

Every time whenever we stuck in any adverse situation, or we don't see our life going our way we start complaining and blaming either the people around us or the GOD.
Muniba says - whenever you don't get things working according to you it means:
  • God has a greater and better plan for you.
  • Stop making this fantasy about life that it will always go as per your plan.
  • Giving up should never be an option, life is full of failures but keep on trying is the best way to fight instead of blaming and asking "why me"??
  • Life is unpredictable, she never thought that she would be in a wheelchair one day, so never expect all good going in your life.
  • She never wants to be remembered as a victim of circumstances.
  • She believes that adversities can be turned into opportunities.

#Embrace your imperfections:

We all are imperfect in some or the other way but instead of accepting it, we try to hide it from the people so as not to become a target for fun or mockery for others.

  • The list of her injuries that occurred during the car accident included - broken arm bones, rib cage, shoulder blade, collar bone, and spinal cord.
  • Lungs and liver were not functioning well, lost her bowel movements so that she had to carry a bag all the time.
  • The lower body fully paralyzed leaving her in a wheelchair throughout life.
  • In spite of this much pain and trouble, she continues to paint, sing, work for social welfare campaigns.
  • Muniba says - Imperfect people think that they will not be accepted by the perfect-people-world because of their imperfections. So I decided to appear more in public.
  • Instead of hiding yourself from people just overcome your fears and don't let anyone have sympathy for you. Be confident, strong, and courageous to win over your fears.
  • It is her mission to inspire people to embrace their imperfections and grow in the perfect world.

# A smile can heal everything around you:

Sometimes life breaks us into pieces and we find it too difficult to rejoin and face life at our best. Muniba faced problems one after another but still, she continued to smile in front of people around to show that everything is fine.

  • Never show your pain to others.
  • Always wear a smile on your face to give strength to your loved ones.
  • Muniba was bedridden for 2 years, she could not even get up and walk to the window of the room.
  • She said for those 2 years she only heard the sounds of rain, birds chirping, and the wind blowing outside her window.
  • Still, she tried to enjoy every small happiness around to forget her pains.
  • She says: "keep going, celebrate your life, don't die before your death."

# Never feel so small by making your problems so big:

Dive into your past and recall the moment when life showed you its extreme levels of getting worse and you found yourself disappointed, devastated, and defeated.
We generally lose hope, confidence, and strength even in small problems and make them so big that we find ourselves tiny to handle them.
  • After the accident reports, her husband divorced her because of her disability and immediately married to another woman.
  • Divorce was the biggest fear of her life, but then she accepted it and wished her husband a new and happy life. 
  • The problems were big but she made them small by accepting them. her mother always supported her by saying this tough time will also pass.
  • She tried to start canvas painting again in the hospital bed, but it was too difficult with a fractured body.
  • She took the agony of injuries as a challenge and made so many beautiful art paintings describing her own sentiments of loneliness, pain, and struggle.

# A glass is always half-filled:

Life tests you at every phase, it is up to you how do you handle it. Always look at the positive side and the better option to lead your life in the right direction.

  • After the accident, Muniba's doctor said that she will not be able to give birth to a child. So she adopted a boy, named 'Nael', and taking very good care of him as a mother.
  • Once his son asked her to play football, that day she felt so helpless that she can't do it. Her son understood the problem and said "no problem mom, we can play catch the ball as your hands are working." That day she realized that we can always look at the half-filled glass instead of half-empty.
  • Pros and cons are always there, the only way is to keep on trying.
  • Trials always make you a better person.

You can find her whole personal life story here - Muniba-Mazari-personal-life

So these were the "best learnings from the life of the iron lady of Pakistan." we hope you have learned a lot from her life story. Get the best out of you and lead the world. 

The world recognizes you only when you accept the way you are !!!

Keep going,
Team Inspiration


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