Unlocking the issues of locked down kids during COVID

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India has started to unlock and get back to its normal routine gradually with a little fear and little relaxation, but still, our kids are under lockdown. 
Schools, playgrounds, and swimming pools are all still closed. No outside play, no fun time with friends and now they are ready to get settled in a new routine of online classes.
This article will help in "unlocking the issues of locked down kids during COVID" to make a balance for your child's physical as well as mental well being because we can not give them perfect coronavirus protection on the cost of their physical and mental health.

Solutions to the major issues of kids during a lockdown:

  • How to take care of the physical fitness of your kids at home
  • How to protect your little ones from electronic gadgets
  • How to manage the stress level of lonely kids at home
  • How to plan a perfect diet chart for your child's health

How to take care of the physical fitness of your kids at home

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A child can never grow without being physically fit. A healthy mind and body need daily fitness activities. Now when India is getting unlocked our children are still feeling confined, locked, and restricted.
No swimming, no cycling, no race, cricket, football, etc. all outdoor games seem to be far away from small kids this year. People living in big apartments are not allowed to go to the play area and especially kids are very much restricted.
So here are some simple yet 'best physical activities for kids during lockdown',
without much arrangement and fuss.
  • Basketball - It is the best physical exercise that helps to grow your kid's height, spontaneity, and muscle strength. You can play this game inside your house. 
  • Jumping balloon with badminton racket - Although badminton itself is an indoor game, so your kids can try that as well if you have enough space in your hall, but in case you feel you can disturb things in the house or the shuttlecock can get stuck in the fan, you can use a balloon instead of the shuttle and make it jump using your racket. The more number of jumps without dropping the balloon on the floor will be the high score. This game is appropriate for a single child as well.
  • Skipping - Skipping is an all-time fun and fitness activity to burn your fat and make you sweat easily. As being at home children are indulged in more junk eating without much physical activity, this simple exercise can help them a lot to stay fit.
  • Dancing - The best fun activity to heal your mind, body, and soul. You can enjoy your favorite song and learn quick and easy dance steps. make a video of your own and observe your expressions and moves to improve your dancing regularly. Also, you can send your dance videos to friends and relatives to make them feel happy as well.
  • Hide and seek - The whole family can enjoy playing hide and seek to have a great time together, and elder ones can return back to their childhood memories with this.
  • Hula hoop ring - It is the best time to learn this fun activity and keep your body fit. Kids will enjoy playing with it anytime. Also, it is best for a single child. Set levels for your child to encourage him/her to learn it properly.

How to protect your little ones from electronic gadgets

kids with gadgets, problems with gadget use

Due to lockdown children are lingering on electronic gadgets like mobile phones, tabs, laptops for several reasons like:
  1. Online classes
  2. Online activities as drawing, dance, Zumba, aerobics, yoga, etc.
  3. Parents hand on these devices to their kids in order to get some free time.
  4. An easy solution to their boredom.
  5. No social gathering or outing.
  6. Chatting with friends.
But have you ever imagined, these gadget practics are going to cost you a lot in terms of your child's health in various ways. 
Here are some basic health issues children generally face when they are exposed to electronic devices more than a limit.
  1. Bad posture
  2. Back and neck aches
  3. Shoulder strain
  4. Pain in wrists
  5. Eyestrain
  6. Headaches
  7. Stress
  8. Physical fatigue
  9. Poor sleep patterns
  10. Obesity
  11. Compromised immunity

device driven generation, laptop,handheld devices

Our kids are a new generation called device-driven generation so it is not possible to keep them away from these handheld devices, but the best we can do is to teach them good tech habits.
  1. Two hours per day should be the recommendation for 7 - 12-year-olds.
  2. Make a habit of smart apps like fitness apps rather than games.
  3. The computer screen should be slightly lower than the eye level.
  4. Use an ergonomic chair to support the child's spine.
  5. An average of 3 hours a day physical activity time is recommended to keep your children away from myopia and obesity.
  6. The best 20-20-20 rule for eyes - After every 20 minutes blink your eyes 20 times by looking at a distance of at least 20 meters. 
  7. Ask your child to ash their eyes every time they get away from the screens.
  8. A gentle herbal eye drop can be used during the night to soothe and relax the eyes of your kids.
  9. Try to maintain greenery around small plants near the TV and the laptop table is perfect.
  10. Many times children forget to go to the washroom as they do not want to break the continuity. Keep on reminding them to drink plenty of water and visit the toilets regularly.
  11. Keep the children away from all gadgets at least one hour before bedtime to help their minds get relaxed before sleep.

How to manage the stress level of lonely kids at home

Although new generation kids seem to be more aware of the pandemic and are ready to cope up with it, still their small hearts start crying when they find no hope of getting back into their old lifestyle.  

kids stress, anxiety, depression

Kids are missing their schools, their fun time with friends, and a family outing, in this scenario parents, need to pay attention to the child's feelings and emotions and take care of them in the best possible ways to handle their aggression, loneliness, anxiety, and depression. 
  1. Listen to your child carefully before giving a readymade solution every time. 
  2. Lower down your expectations, don't rush to make them a tech-savvy or a perfect one in all the e-learning classes.
  3. Apply the "one-step-ahead" method slightly to help them deliver their best.
  4. Schedule a fixed time during the day to spend quality time with the child such as reading a book, play some music, knowing some interesting fun facts about earth, planets, health, or environment.
  5. Use a positive language and praise them for their work.
  6. Shape up your day with a consistent daily routine including yoga, dance, music, fun activities, jumping, pillow fighting, etc.

How to plan a perfect diet chart for your child's health

During lockdown being at home, kids are becoming very demanding for their food choices. Sitting in front of the TV and eating for hours has become an inbuilt habit. Cookies, cakes, pizza, wafers have become all-time snacks which are not at all permissible.
Parents need to take care of their child's eating habits in order to develop a good immune system and avoid obesity and indigestion.

eat together, healthy food habits, kids meal
  1. When all the family members are at home, make a habit of eating together.
  2. Try to have a gadget-free meal including parents.
  3. Select one day in a week for junk food.
  4. Try to give them all kinds of nutrition as lentils, green veg, rice, and wheat during the day to fulfill vitamins, carbs, and protein requirements.
  5. Morning breakfast should be full of proteins such as any dish containing homemade cottage cheese, peanuts, sprouts, etc.
  6. Include whole grains as much as you can during lunch like rajma, chole (chick-peas), etc.
  7. Try to give fresh fruit juices instead of packed ones.
  8. There should be a fixed time for every meal as unnecessary eating without much physical activity can cause problems later on.

So these were some simple yet best ways to provide solutions for "unlocking the issues of locked down kids during COVID" and take care of them during this tough time and make them stronger, calm, healthy, physically fit, and happy.
I hope you liked the article, please feel free to share it amongst your friends to take care of every child in the world. 

Have a wonderful parenting time with your kids!
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