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During this period of lockdown, many of us are feeling very confined, limited, packed, and bound by space as if all our freedom has gone somewhere. We want to go out and do something but we are not allowed, we are not secure outside, our family members want us to be home in front of them all the time.

Just think in these 3 months of lockdown, how much frustrated we felt and our inner voice was screaming to get up and break all the rules to feel the freedom back but the logical mind and outside environment are not allowing us to do so.

Think of the women who have been feeling this lockdown since ages, where they are capable of working and succeeding in their interest area but they are not allowed, sometimes due to responsibilities, sometimes due to family members, and sometimes the unsafe environment for working women.

This article describes the success story of a woman who became a successful entrepreneur living in the confinements of the lockdown made by her family members and showed the world that you can never stop desires, capability, and hard work.
If a person is fully dedicated to his work he will achieve success one day against all the barriers. 

This is a real-life "success story of a woman entrepreneur in lockdown"  who started a small business with zero and lead it to 5-6 crore per annum turn over.

The success story of Priya the successful women entrepreneur:


Priya is a women entrepreneur, she is the owner of "Super India Emporium" an online shop which is now a business of 5-6 crore per annum. 


Priya was at a very young age when her father passed away, now she and her mother were alone and the future started looking dark.
Her mother sent her to maternal uncle's house in Delhi, where she finished her studies. She completed 12th, and then graduation by BA. After that, she did a course in naturopathy & ayurvedic.
Her naturopathy and ayurvedic work were doing well, then she got married and shifted to Panipat in the state of Haryana.

Struggles of life:

After marriage, she never thought that her life is going to change completely. She gave birth to a child and then was fully busy 24x7 taking care of her child, house, and family members.
Priya discussed her desire to work further with her mother-in-law and her mother-in-law absolutely refused her proposal and did not allow her to go out of the house and work. She wanted her to spend all her time taking care of the family and her child.

The last hope:

After this Priya got a bit depressed but she did not lose his hope, she thought "I have finished my studies with lots of struggle after my father's death," so I can never sit idle just taking care of family and housework.

Finally, Priya got her last hope from her husband, who suggested working online where she doesn't need to go out of the house, and this way her mom-in-law will never have any problem.
This way Priya got the way to start her online journey by the name of - "Super India Emporium."

Success Story in lockdown:

Priya started a one-stop-shop for bed linen, curtains, carpets, and a wide range of online home textiles. She launched her business on Amazon India.

Her house is full of many products. She does all the work like product packaging, bill making, and invoice generation alone, her husband gave her full support in this journey.

Many times she used to pack the products till 2 -3 o'clock in the night, but here she got the advantage of working from home where she can work at any time along with taking care of her family as well.
Initially, there was no good success in the beginning, but gradually her business started growing.

The upcoming big festival of Diwali brought a bumper gift for her, Priya started getting huge orders. She was full of amazement and happiness for her success. She could never imagine that living in a small village she can run such a big business.

Inspiration for women:

Living in Panipat, she is selling her goods in every corner of India. Today, the result of Priya and her husband's effort is that the turnover of the month in her business is 50 - 60 lakh rupees, which makes an annual turnover of 6 crores.
Priya gives the best points for working from home - 
  • No woman should think that without a good education or needy resources you are helpless. You just need a start and then never look back. 
  • She gives a message to all the women to adopt entrepreneurship, there are a lot of home-based businesses by which you can achieve success along with taking care of your home and family members.
  • She says that I can do my work at home at any time. Together I can handle my household chores and my child well. I do not have to be tied to my work ina particular time frame like (9am - 7pm or 10am - 9pm).
  • I do not need any special workplace or helpers for my job.
  • I need not be afraid of anyone to, whether working late nights or early morning.
  • I started with zero and today I am a successful woman entrepreneur in India and Amazon's bestseller.
  • Watch her: telling her own story here 

The sky is there for you to fly, just open up your wings and try!!!

Try the best out of you!
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  1. Amazing!!!! I look forward to your writing. All the best.

  2. Wonderful, this story will really inspire many people.

  3. This story is so inspiring for all the women out their who all are, hardworking, talented, smart and multi-tasking all the time...but not getting support from the family


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