The secret of success found by Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh Rajput, SSR, Secret of success

Sushant Singh Rajput (SSR) was a great talented, hardworking, remarkable, and lovable actor in Indian cinema. Starting from zero he reached to the top at a very early stage of his career.
This article will highlight some key points to reveal 'the secret of success found by Sushant Singh Rajput' during his journey towards success. 

Key Points showing the truth of life from the story of Sushant Singh Rajput:

#1  Dare to convert your dreams into reality only when you are ready to prove yourself:

It is good to dream about your future and work harder to chase your dreams but when you dare to convert your dreams into reality without any support, your self-respect is at stake and then you have to prove to the world and most importantly you have to prove yourself that you have chosen the right path. 

Example #1 from the life of Sushant - 

SSR left engineering in the 3rd year i.e. just 2 semesters before getting the degree. That means he was at high risk when he opted to chase his dreams of becoming an actor. But this inspiration for proving himself led him to work harder and harder to achieve success.

#2 Money plus recognition is NOT equal to happiness and success:

Generally, it is believed that money and recognition is the name of success and happiness, but SSR discovered that following this mantra of gaining money and recognition to achieve success and happiness throughout your life is not true.

                             money, recognition, success

Example #2 from the life of SSR - 

Being born and brought up in a middle-class family, Sushant has learned that money and recognition is the thing which is meant for success and happiness in your life. So he studied well, got AIR- 7 in his engineering entrance exam. After getting into engineering his family was so happy and expected Sushant also to feel happy and top of the world.

Sushant said - "You should be happy because you are supposed to be happy" when you are very close to success.

But he was in search of something else, this success was not matching his dreams, so he joined dance classes to overcome his boredom during studies, and here he got the interest of acting and dancing. He got his first chance into a TV serial, and then gradually he found everything he wished in his life, money, recognition, and fame.

dream car, success

He bought his dream car, his dream house and suddenly he realized that he has got so many friends and supporters :). But still, this money and recognition could not give him happiness for a long time and again he started searching for something more.

He was living his dreams of being successful, rich, and famous. His hard work has gifted him all that he wished for, but after achieving success he realized that the version of happiness he was looking for was left somewhere in the past.
So he found that money plus recognition is not equal to success and happiness.

#3 Swinging into past and future we miss the present which is real happiness:

In today's world, so many people keep on swinging either in the past or in the future to seek happiness. Most of the time we find ourselves happier in the moments we have lived or in the desires which we want to achieve. In this process of seeking happiness, we ruin our present moments and opportunities to succeed.

Example #3 from Sushant Singh's life journey - 

Sushant said 'I used to make flow charts of my life' to follow the path of my past towards my future'. 
But all the way in this flow he was just swinging back and forth in his past and future to compare his achievements, accomplishments, and desires. There was no PRESENT present in his life, which means he was not at all living in the present.

In SSR's own words - "I stayed with all my dreams for 10 and 15 years of my life after achieving success then suddenly I felt that I am cheated".

I was promised happiness and success but they stayed with me for just a few days, then I figured out that all these seemingly big things were not that big, once I got them. Looking in the past I realized that those smaller things in the past were much bigger and happier.
present moment, now is the key to happiness

So he found out that real happiness is in NOW, the present moment and the excitement to live that moment is the true happiness and best key to success. 

When you feel happy at a moment you feel energized, focused, cool and relaxed to adopt any change in your life and that's the moment when you work hard but your hard work feels like fun to you. You can work for hours and hours in that state of mind and achieve your dreams any time you want.

So keep on learning, upgrading, and enjoying without forgetting your present,  that's the best thing to gain happiness and success in your life.

SSR will always be missed and remembered, we wish we could watch more from such a talented actor, but unfortunately, now we do not have any option but just to learn from his life experiences, about what to do and what not to do.

#RIP Sushant Singh Rajput
You will always be missed.

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