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Emoticons are the best features while replying, reacting, or expressing your emotions during any conversation online. These emoticons represent our mood, our state of mind, or our internal feelings towards a scenario or a statement.

Similarly, our mind is full of emotions where various emoticons are running into our minds every moment. A human being can not live without emotions. 
Sadness, happiness, wonder, anger, hatred, fear, love, etc. are the emotions with which a person lives his life every day.
Emotions play a very important role to lead your life in the right direction. We must know "how to control your emotions for a successful life". Controlling our emotions at the right time helps in appropriate decision-making otherwise we may regret later for any action or decision in the influence of a hyper state of emotions such as - extreme happiness, anger, or depression

What are emotions:

Emotions are a state of mind at a particular moment due to some chemical changes in our body as a result of any thought or behavior. The body reacts directly to emotions rather than making necessary decisions. 

Basically, these are some chemicals in the brain called "neurotransmitters". We have different types of chemicals in the brain whose release in the brain causes different emotions.

Like: Congrats you won!!! when you read this line suddenly your mind will start releasing neurotransmitters named - dopamine and serotonin the two chemicals responsible for happiness in the mind. 

When a person feels sad and depressed that means his mind and body are lacking these chemicals to make him feel sad even in fine situations.

Importance of emotions:

human like dry wood without emotions

Human beings are like dry wood without emotions. These are the emotions that make our life sweet and beautiful. These emotions separate a person from another as you will find someone very rigid and someone, very soft and emotional, someone rude, then someone very lovable.
These are the emotions that keep us connected, meeting an old friend after a long time makes us happy, feeling of love towards someone makes us feel like heaven.
Emotions are also important to save us from any accident like jumping from a height creates a sense of fear to alert that it is not safe for you. 
No one has survived from the grip of emotions till today, just the person should be careful not to let emotions take possession of themselves.
Never become the slaves of your emotions always try to keep them in control.

How to control your emotions for a successful life:

Emotions bring flow in human life but these emotions can become a problem when they go out of control and take the form of madness.
Being aware of our emotions every moment we can easily control them and lead them our own way but if we do not handle them sensibly we may ruin our lives moving under control of these emotions.

# Keep a watch:

watch your emotions, control your emotions

Keep on watching what is running inside your mind every moment is very important. If you feel any emotion in an extreme case like- so much happiness, so much sadness, or anger, then you need to take a pause and think over it.

As small feelings keep on collecting continuously and then they blast with a big bang. Small negative feelings for someone will become a great reason for anger and may result in a big fight.

Similarly extreme happiness can lead you to take careless decisions at the moment, so just wait and keep a watch before taking any decision under the influence of your extreme emotions.

# Control your speech:

During a conversation, emotions play a very important role in the expression of your words, your accent, and your pitch. 

Being under the influence of emotions we may change our words or our pitch, which in return may give us the same response from our counterpart leading to a hot discussion, a futile talk, or a very highly emotional, sad, or embarrassing situation. 

During the conversation, if you are able to control your emotions by controlling your words and way of talking, you can easily handle difficult situations and win any person's heart without getting into any trouble.

# Get yourself out of the situation:

The moment you feel your emotions are taking charge of your mind totally and it is going out of control, immediately take a back step and get out of the situation at a very particular moment.

As we know emotions are not permanent so we can leave the situation and come back with a better positive and controlled set of thoughts and emotions to lead the situation successfully.

#Look at the consequences:

Before taking any important decision under the influence of your emotions you must have a quick play of the further consequence scenario. This play button inside your mind will help you to control your emotions at a particular moment and will help you to think clearly to get the bigger image of your decision to live a better and successful life.

# Energise your subconscious:

Our subconscious mind plays a very important role in creating our destiny.
We react the way we think, so it is very much important to be aware of every emotion inside our mind. As healthy food is necessary for a perfect body, healthy thoughts are very important for a perfect mind.
Every time you check your emotions, just tell yourself that 'it is nothing but a simple message or a set of thoughts and it can not affect you in any way.'
Energize your subconscious mind by these positive thoughts daily - 

  • I am happy.
  • I am fulfilled by all the necessities of life.
  • I have the power to move forward in life positively.
  • I experience positivity inside me very often.
  • I have the power of replacing my negative emotions as fear, anxiety, frustration into positive ones like courage, joy, peace, and happiness.

These positive mantras will help you to control your emotions and increase the number of positive emotions and avoid negative thinking.
Try to avoid negative news or videos triggering your negative thoughts at the moment when your subconscious is active more than your logical mind, that is immediately after you wake up in the morning and just before going to sleep.


# Educate emotional intelligence to your kids:

Emotional intelligence is the way to recognize, understand, and control your emotions. This key helps you to take care of yours as well as other's emotions and manage them appropriately.
We try to provide every possible knowledge of the world to our kids, then why we forget to take take care of their emotional behavior?
Teaching them about "how to control your emotions for a successful life" will help them to be more strong and tough in any phase of life.
People who are able to control their emotions in any situation can survive during tough times easily.

So these were some simple methods to control your emotions for a successful life and creating a balance amongst your brain and heart. By applying these methods in life you will be able to make your emotions work positively for you instead of going against you.

Be positive!!
Team Inspiration


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