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 21 inspiring quotes with explanation

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Awakening is a realization to look within and finding your best qualities, to find inner peace, and become the most wonderful person.
Here are 21 awakening quotes with the explanation to inspire you to find the great human being hidden inside.

1. When you are within the frame, it is very difficult to see the whole picture.
# To get a full understanding of any situation in life you need to come out of your fixed set of thoughts. Watch your life as a movie and observe your role in it keeping your feelings and emotions aside, all your problems will become negligible.

2. Even if you are not aware to dress up your body with fit and tidy clothes, but you must be aware to keep your soul fit and tidy.

# How do we dress up affects our external personality, but how are we taking care of our mind and soul directly affects our inner personality. So having an awareness of good dressing sense is important but having an awareness of good mind and soul is very much important to have inner peace.

3. Culture is an extension of the mind and soul.

# If we are addressed as cultured that means we are fully aware of taking good care of our mind and soul.  

4. We always love to be liked by someone, but we never try to do something to be loved by everyone.

# Whenever someone like us we feel happy then why we should not develop a personality which can be loved by everyone?

5. Do not look at the idols in temples, your soul is the temple, and feelings are your god.

# Upon failure we blame God, why we do not understand God has already given us enough for survival now we need to work upon our own mind, body, and soul to achieve the target. You are the only one who is responsible for your life. So do not expect anything from the idols in the temple they are just to give you moral support, the real temple is your own soul and your feelings, thoughts, and emotions are your God.

look within, confront , feelings

6. Till the ugly person confronts the mirror, he considers himself the most beautiful than others.

# A person never realizes his own weaknesses until he comes across a situation to be tested. 

7. Just think before you speak, as only a single sentence by you can show your full character.
# Words are the expression of your thoughts, we speak what we think so we should always evaluate our words.

8. Our senses are above the body, the mind is above the senses, intellect is above the mind and at last, the soul is above intellect.

# We should take care of our soul more than the body, as the soul is much more important than the intellect which controls the mind, whereas the mind controls our senses and senses control our body.

9. Spirituality is achieved only by observation and a keen interest.
# You can never become spiritual by getting forced by anyone, try to understand the science and concepts behind it, observation and a keen interest will automatically help you to follow that path. 

10. It is more fun to have a stronger opponent, either you will get the reward or the learning.

# More the challenges in life, more life will become interesting to you. If you win the situations you will feel rewarded otherwise at least you will learn a lesson.
walk alone, realize the essence of your presence or absence

11. It is very important in the world to realize what is the essence of your presence or absence anywhere, observe yourself.

# To achieve success it is very important to show your presence, sit back realize the importance of your presence or absence in every situation of life. Observation is the key to success.

12. Overview of situations provides us with a better perspective for life and makes us a good decision-maker.

# Keep on observing your path throughout life and mark your achievements, this will definitely help you to become a good decision-maker.

13. It is important to walk alone sometimes, if no one is walking along with you, just seek yourself together.

It is not possible that every time someone will be there for you to support you in difficult situations. Be your own support gather all your qualities to stand strong in life.

14. When you feel dependent on others for your happiness, it is the time to stop and look within to find inner peace.

# When we do not want to confront our own thoughts we search outside world for happiness, but that happiness is moments, so please look within and analyze where your inner peace has gone.

15. What you do may be less important, but it is important that you do something.

# Your work may not be of the highest importance, but it is important to keep on working something in life instead of sitting idle.

16. laziness is a terrible enemy living in the human body.

# Whoever creates hurdles in our work we consider him as an enemy, but we never look at our own laziness which is the biggest enemy inside us stopping our growth.

17. A man who is lazy and arrogant, neither his wisdom increases nor his knowledge.

# If you are lazy enough to learn or perform your actions, you can never gain knowledge or wisdom. 

18. If laziness occurs with impoverishment, then there is no possibility of medicine for such disease.

# To succeed in life you need to be full of actions and wealth, if you are a combination of laziness with impoverishment then no one can save you.

19. If you are lazy, do not be alone & do not be lazy if you are alone.

# If laziness is your mate then please keep supportive people around you and if you do not have supportive friends then please never ever think of being lazy otherwise you will destroy your life.

20. How can I count the flaws of others in my own words? Because I also have the flaws and others have the words as well.

# Before commenting on other's weaknesses we must look at our own weakness as you never know others can comment on you too.

21. Beyond the flaw of stones that they do not melt, they have a wonderful quality that they never change.

# Every person has some good and bad qualities, as stones can never be melt but the good thing is they never change their structure.

So these were some beautiful awakening quotes with the explanation to help you achieve your true potential.
I hope you have enjoyed reading them, please let us know in the comments below how these quotes have helped you to get awakened, also share the post amongst your friends to help them as well to have a wonderful life.

Have a great life!!
Team Inspiration 


  1. Nice...inspiring.. specially 13point..

    1. thanks, this point is really true that you should stand strong in difficult situations when no one is there to help you.


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