Organize your mind & lifestyle positively during lockdown

Stay calm, you are not alone

Coronavirus the word which is filling you with fear and anxiety day by day. During this period of sadness, worry, and disappointment we are finding difficulties every day to get settled into a new kind of lifestyle that we have never imagined. Hence there is a capability that such kind of lockdown and isolation process can trigger very slight mental health issues in people.

This article will provide a solution to the regular issues coming during the lockdown through which you can change your lifestyle and switch your mind towards something interesting and productive to stay calm and peaceful and enjoy your life with your family members at home.

Here are 5 simple ways to organize your mind and lifestyle positively & productively during coronavirus lockdown:

  1. How to overcome the fear of catching the virus every moment
  2. How to stop worrying about the health of loved ones
  3. How to avoid the hopelessness and the fear of job insecurity
  4. How to make ease during the pressurized work from home issues
  5. How to deal with kids during the lockdown

1. How to overcome the fear of catching the virus every moment:
Whatever we hear and see regularly, keeps on running into our mind leading to move all our emotions, feelings, and thinking towards the same direction. Nowadays we are fully surrounded by the news of coronavirus whether it is coming from our friends and relatives, television channels, internet, or social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. 

It is quite necessary to keep yourself updated to be aware but it is not at all needed to linger on these news details all the time and generate an unwanted fear within yourself.

Follow these rules to get away from this fear:
  • Stay at home to be safe and peaceful.
  • Energize your subconscious mind daily morning when you wake up and at bedtime in the night by praying "I am fit and healthy, I am fulfilled with all the necessities of life, my mind is peaceful".
  • Follow only dedicated channels or organization details on coronavirus to update yourself.
  • Do not believe in the myths being circulated.
  • Keep yourself hygienic, wash your hands regularly, and use the mask to protect yourself. 
  • Any vegetables, grocery or material coming from outside should be left as it is for some time, then sanitize or clean the packets before using and put the vegetables in saltwater for some time to make sure they are germs free before use.
  • Obey all the safety rules and keep yourself busy to avoid unnecessary thinking.
2. How to stop worrying about the health of loved ones:
During this lockdown period, we can not visit our relatives, friends, and family members. some of them may be living in other cities or some might be living in another country. In this case, we need to take care of them by sending our wishes to them regularly instead of keep worrying about them.
  • Talk to them as much as you can, a video call is the best way to show each other that you are absolutely fine and taking good care of yourself.
  • Share ideas to manage your living with limited resources.
  • Share easy cooking recipes & fun methods to enjoy at home.
  • Dedicate lovely songs for each other to create a melodious environment.
  • Make them feel that your positive vibrations are reaching continuously towards them to strengthen their mind.
3. How to avoid the hopelessness and the fear of job insecurity:
Due to lockdowns and falling economy, there are very high chances of people facing a recession. Only a few industries are able to work from home but there are so many industries that do not have any options like - sports, restaurants, manufacturing, etc. In this case, getting a fear of losing your job or financial insecurity what you can do is: 
  • Instead of wasting your time watching movies and sleeping all day, you should try to upskill yourself to retain your job.
  • Learn new skills like animation, a new language, good communication skills, new technical courses through online courses, or youtube videos.
  • Try to engage yourself in some creative activities.
  • Reinvigorate your childhood hobbies to energize your mind with freshness. 
  • Exercise helps a lot to release good hormones in the body and mind to give you a relaxed and happy feeling.  
  • If you are working from home just work hard enough to secure your job.
  • Remember the whole week we wait for Sunday, now you are getting a Sunday every day then why not enjoy this opportunity and do something which we were not able to do due to lack of time.
upskill yourself, utilize this time, be productive, work from home

4. How to make ease during the pressurized work from home issues:
In regular office days when people loved to work from home, now they are waiting to return back to the regular routine. The extra sweetness of WFH has started causing diabetes in people.

Initially, everyone loved the arrangement where all the family members are involved in every small activity in the house. Gradually everyone started missing their regular day's freedom, kids wanted to go out to play, parents missing out their privacy, everyone wants those relaxing hours with himself.

In such a scenario sometimes an overload of WFH creates disinterest in the work. To re-energize your inner passion for the work you should follow these rules:
  • Fill your morning with energy by yoga, exercise, dance, or music to charge yourself for the rest of the day.
  • Don't skip the shower and get dressed properly to have the office feel.
  • Make arrangements for an appropriate work area as cozy beds or sofa may tempt you to take more rest.
  • Take breaks in regular intervals, listen to music, drink plenty of water for the proper functioning of the mind.
  • Make a to-do list to complete your tasks on time.
  • Do not allow kids to play games or watch cartoons on the office laptops as any technical problem can cause big issues during this time when you do not have anyone to solve the trouble.
  • Have enough time to play with your kids along with the office work to lighten your mood.
  • Working ladies who are managing cooking and housework along with their official work need to manage their time more appropriately than they used to do it before the lockdown.
  • So instead of going into negativity just find positive ways to handle the situation peacefully, coolly, and happily.
5. How to deal with kids during the lockdown:

Before the lockdown began so many of us would have planned to send our kids for different summer classes. Now being at home we are finding it difficult to distribute our time equally amongst kids and household stuff. This is the time when our kids need special attention as during this time they are acquiring behavior by observing their parents every moment:
  • You know that you are the only one to handle everything without any external help so do not show your frustration in front of your kids.
  • Divide your time into equal intervals to take care of your kids, cooking, cleaning, and other stuff.
  • When everyone at home, they ask for a variety of dishes every now and then, to solve this problem dedicate alternate days of the week for lavish and simple dishes. One day for time-consuming cooking and next day quick dishes to save time for your kids.
  • Involve your kids in all the activities in the house like small help in the kitchen which you think your ward is able to do, arranging their own wardrobe, bookshelf, etc.
  • Involve them in interesting indoor games like chess, carrom, ludo, snake and ladders, puzzles rather than mobile gaming or video games or just watching cartoons all day.
  • Father and mother both should get involved in kid's activities like music, drawing, fashion show at home, new dance steps, etc. Then give your feedback as an audience.
  • Sometimes kids demand certain things which are not possible to go out and buy, in such scenario sit calmly and make him understand the situation instead of shouting at him.
  • Utilize this time to teach your kids extra computer activities to help them excel in the professional technical world later on. There are so many small computer activities which your child would enjoy learning like- MS-office (word, excel, PowerPoint), Corel draw, internet activities like - composing and sending emails, etc.

These were some points to stay motivated, energized, and calm during this tough phase of coronavirus lockdown. We hope this article will help you in some way to get adjusted to this new lifestyle happily and productively.

Please tell us in the comments below if you liked the article and share it amongst your friends to stay cool and calm during the lockdown.

Stay at home & stay safe,
Team Inspiration


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