Make your kids smart, genius, disciplined & good listener 

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Children are the most valuable assets in our life so it is our foremost duty to make these precious assets more valuable by adding quality values to them.
These quality values will make the child a perfect human being who can handle and win any situation in life easily, patiently and bravely.

Here are some very simple ways to make your kids smart, genius, disciplined & good listener. 
Let's understand all these qualities one by one 

How to make a child smart  

Smartness is a quality where a child has the ability to think quickly and respond intelligently. In today's fast-paced world spontaneity plays an important role where you need to think fast and react fast to achieve success. Smartness or spontaneity can be developed in a child by helping him in so many playful ways like:
  1. Teach Prioritizing — Setting the priority of tasks helps your child to think organized, leading towards an organized mind. Give him a number of tasks to be completed in a limited time period, like one-page writing, one drawing, cleaning his study table, arranging his wardrobe, etc. Now observe how the child sets priorities to complete the tasks on time, it is a great mental exercise to make the mind think quickly. Always appreciate the effort made by him to encourage him to do it more nicely next time.
  2. Getting out of the comfort-zone  —Providing every possible help at every single step can make your ward lazy, dependent or dull. It is very much important to bring him out of the comfort zone, stop facilitating him by showing you are very busy whenever he asks for help then just observe how he tries to fulfill his needs without any support, this will amazingly help the child to develop a quality of resourcefulness
  3. Brain development games  —There are so many brain developing games to make a child smart.
  • Finding clues game  — Hide his favorite toy and give him clues to find out and see how quickly he can understand the clues. This game helps a lot to develop spontaneity in the child. 
  • Best out of waste  — A very nice way to develop the mental ability of the child, provide some junk items and ask him to make anything beautiful or useful thing out of them. This will be helpful to develop imagination and creativity.
  • Puzzles  — Jigsaw puzzles, matching object puzzles, chess are some simple playful methods to exercise your child's mind and develop smartness.

How to make a child genius  

A genius is someone exceptionally intelligent and knowledgeable. A genius child influences others with a high level of perfection in his area of activity. In order to make your child a genius you need to follow certain rules:
  1. Improvise his strength instead of looking at the weakness — Every child possess different capabilities, you just need to observe them closely and work upon them to make him a perfectionist. so many scientists, artists and famous personalities were labeled genius just because they followed their dreams, their interests, their strengths rather than worrying about their weaknesses.
  2. Appreciate the effort rather than innate qualities  — Always praising the innate qualities like - "my child is born intelligent" or "failure never comes his way," "he always earns a good score without working hard" etc. These types of statements can make the child less hard-working, so you need to appreciate the efforts made by him during the study or play or quiz. For example - You have written this assignment so nicely, such a beautiful drawing you have made, you really played well, etc. These statements will encourage him to work hard to succeed in life.
  3. Practice makes a man perfect — To excel in any field you need practice and for the practice you need to have patience and stability in your behavior. In today's world where you easily get alternatives for everything to entertain your mind, it is very much difficult to keep your child away from mood swings, getting bored easily, asking for variety in everything whether its a TV show, a game, storybooks or the food. In such a scenario you need to help your child to have a stable behavior to get focused for a long time. This ability can be developed in two ways — 

  • Plantation — Help your child to sow a seed or plant a very small plant in a pot inside your house then tell him to take care of it every day and observe the little changes happening every week and put remarks in a calendar, watching the plant growing gradually with small leaves then long stem, buds and then flowers coming on to it will definitely excite the child and develop a sense of patience and stability. 
  • Yoga and Meditation - Daily practicing yoga and meditation at least for 15 minutes can make the child's mind powerful and healthy. Deep breathing exercise helps a lot to bring stability in the mind. Simple yoga poses help to boost the mind & body coordination. These simple ways will definitely help the child to become a genius. 

How to make a child disciplined  

A disciplined child can be recognized easily, wherever we see a child routined, well behaved and self-controlled we can say the child is well disciplined. It is very much important to discipline children at a particular stage, if you don't discipline children early on, the child will grow up confused with rules and routines. So don't wait for your child to grow up enough up to 6-7 years old, start disciplining as early as you can. Disciplining a child required certain strategies:
  1. Be consistent and follow the rules you teach —  You yourself follow a routine at home and insist them to follow their routine, children always follow their parents so whenever they see you as a parent following your routine consistently they will definitely get intended to follow the same. Share your routines with them to make them open up and share their daily routine during school, at home and during play with you.
  2. Never criticize the child for bad behavior Always understand its not the problem of the child rather its the problem with the behavior of the child. Parents generally mix the two, if the behavior is good they appreciate the child and criticize the child for bad behavior. Child psychology says the behavior of the child depends upon a sequence of event-emotion-belief, whenever an event occurs the child relates it with his own emotions and then it becomes a belief and then all these three things together become the behavior of the child. So instead of criticizing we need to look back at the event, emotion and belief of the child behind that behavior and work upon it to rectify it.
  3. Sometimes independence is the best form of discipline   You need to understand the thin line between independence and discipline. Deal with the child sensibly this way you will less frustrate the child on your way to disciplining them 
  • If the child is sick or he is stuck in a situation where he can hurt himself, do not wait to see what the child does in that condition, there you need to leave all your rules and take care of him.
  • If there is a fight between siblings or quarrel in the park amongst friends, you need to make him understand calmly. Do not scold him in front of others, talk to him when he is alone and make him understand what was the mistake he was doing and its consequences.
  • If the child is stubborn and angry about something, leave him for the moment he is angry, then when he is quiet, teach him things with patience, love and compassion, using short stories and examples to show his future. 
  • If the child asks you for a favor, give him the freedom to do whatever he wants to do, only you need to do is keep a watch.
  • Your love for the child should become your strength not the weakness. Never fulfill all unnecessary demands out of love and affection as this can make the child demanding and impatient. Always keep a valid reason to answer him why you have not considered his demands seriously. This will help the child to think twice before putting any demand in front of you.

How to make a child good listener 

A good listener is a person with a high degree of patience, who gives you full attention and support with a positive body language. To make your child a good listener you need to take care of certain points:
  1. Focus Focus on the conversation increases the ability to understand someone's situation and develop the child's capacity for empathy. Always tell him stories then ask questions to see how much the child was focused to listen to you. Making eye contact during the conversation is very much important. Remember we have two ears to hear carefully but just one mouth to speak so listen more and speak less.
  2. Positive body-language —  A positive body-language shows acceptance and support. To teach proper body language and expressions you need to show it to the child while talking to him. This way the child will understand the importance of appropriate expression at an appropriate place. Nodding and using words like 'wow,' yeah, 'oh' etc. show that you are taking interest in the conversation. 
  3. Avoid distractions While listening to someone you need to avoid all distractions like television, phone, music, etc. Include this in the must learn manners list of your child to understand that while listening you should avoid watching television, listening to music or playing on your cell phone.   

These were some simple and playful ways to "make your child smart, genius, disciplined and a good listener" helping them to develop their personality and become successful in life.

Please share the post as much as you can to help your friends and loved ones to rise their kids gracefully and make them a great human being. 

Happy parenting,
Team Inspiration


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