Pregnancy with a positive attitude towards a new life

mental,physical and emotional aspects during pregnancy

The most beautiful moment of our life begins when a new life is about to arrive in our life. We all look forward to that phase when our family will grow and a new life enters, bringing us a whole lot of joy. But in today's hectic life where stress has made its presence felt everywhere, because of which, even during this beautiful phase we feel extremely stressed. So here is this article to guide you throughout your journey of 'pregnancy with a positive attitude towards a new life'.

Mental aspect - 

We all desire that our baby is filled with excellence and integrity and be successful in every aspect of life. We want to do everything perfectly. Its a very beautiful thought, but when we use this word perfect - what all do we seek perfection in? 
We want perfection in everything related to baby like health, growth, body, mind, etc. but to create everything perfect we need a perfect mind.

In today's world our mind is naturally filled with so many imperfections like tension, anxiety, stress, anger, fear, and we never point out our imperfections, but we label them as natural and hold on to them. We never ever try to overcome such things to have a stable happy mind.

The mind is the seed as it is going to create everything else. As long as the mind is not perfect, other things can not be perfect. So it is very much important to take care of your mind along with your physical health.

Scientists have worked a lot to research on prenatal psychology to see that many small things really affect the baby during this period. 

When we look at the long journey of pregnancy, there are many complications involved, which are physical in nature. There is the risk of abortion, and in a later stage the growth of the baby is not satisfactory, mothers develop diabetes, high BP, the water around baby reduces. These are common pregnancy complications, so we limit our focus to these aspects and do not look beyond.

We have been focusing so much on the physical aspects like health and diet, which is very much important, whatever we are eating during this period is making the body of the baby, but what we are thinking in those days actually affecting the mind of the baby. 

Today we have understood for ourselves that our mind has an effect on our body, every thought affects every cell of the body. So the mother has to understand what she is carrying?
  1. Her own body - so whatever thoughts are created on in the mind of the mother, it will first influence her own body.
  2. The new creation inside her womb that's the baby - similar thoughts and emotions will affect the body and the mind of the baby too.
So if she starts thinking nice, it will have a positive effect on her physical health as well as on the baby's physical and mental health. 

So when we are about to create a healthy body.... diet is certainly a very important aspect, but one more very powerful aspect is the influence of the mind.

Hence the mother needs to ask herself - are my thoughts of stress and anxiety, which are believed to be natural, really influencing my mind and my body and then my baby's mind and body and finally affecting the lifelong personality of the child?

Physical aspect - 

                        Mother's thinking affects her own as well as baby's body and mind in her womb

There are so many small points to be covered before planning a pregnancy:
  1. Firstly it is very much important that you meet the doctor when you want to plan because it is important to get checked that your general health is fine in terms of physical aspect. There could have been so many illnesses in the past which you may or may not have had.
  2. Then take guidance on your lifestyle, shift towards a healthy diet. As per the fertilization is concerned, we need to ensure that the ovulation process is healthy, the sperm needs to be healthy. So lifestyle modification is a priority for that.
  3. The prescribed vaccinations need to be taken. There are some very helpful vitamins that you can take and go ahead on this journey.
Planned and unplanned pregnancy:
There are commonly two cases during pregnancy - 
  • Planned pregnancy
  • Unplanned pregnancy
Planned pregnancy - where the couple properly plans it and get ready for it, make all the necessary changes around them shift to a healthy lifestyle.
In this case everything goes well and this is the best way a couple should go forward to grow his family.

Unplanned pregnancy - where couple are either confused or in a rejecting mode.
Sometimes it is possible that one partner is in favor of the baby but the other wants to reject.

Let us understand how these cases should be handled.
There are so many reasons because of which the couple is not ready for the baby.
  1. The couple is not mentally prepared, they want it but not now, maybe after 1 year or more.
  2. This is the time when the lady is growing in her career and feels that she can not handle two things simultaneously.
  3. The husband-wife relations are not too strong to take care of a third one in the family.
  4. The whole family environment is not so harmonious to give a wonderful environment to the baby.
  5. The earning in the family is not sufficient to provide a luxurious lifestyle to the baby. 
All these cases are very common, but you should understand that someone coming into our life and someone leaving going out our lives is not in our hands, its totally nature's task and we cannot go against nature.

Every soul brings its own destiny, so you should not worry about them, it may be a case that you are not economically established before your child's birth but the child himself brings wealth in its destiny, and change your status automatically.

Your relation was not very loving but after the arrival of a baby it may change gradually and you may have a wonderful life afterward. The family environment depends upon each and every family member's mood and thinking, the baby's news can bring harmony in the family.

All these fears and anxieties sometimes lead a couple to go for abortion, which is not at all a good decision, it is permissible only in certain cases. There is an act laid down describing some certain reasons why a lady should undergo an abortion.

There is no point in going against nature, the rejection is only at the parent's mental and emotional level. Unnecessary we are putting our body into instrumentation, medication, and ill after-effects. Studies show that if 100 people go for abortion, 1-2% chances are there of infertility.

For example -  some guests come with prior call and arrival message, but some are unexpected guests which generally annoy you. We feel why do they come at this time, we were not at all ready to welcome them how should we make arrangements for them and we get disturbed. 

This disturbing feeling can hurt the baby's emotions, it can feel rejected. In the womb the soul can catch our emotions at a very higher level. So welcoming energy is very very important for the personality of the child so that he never feels rejected or never make rejection as one of its emotion.

You may have noticed that some people always feel unattended, less prioritized or rejected instead of all the facilities, relatives and loved ones around them, this is because at the time of their birth somewhere a feeling of rejection would have been passed to it and it has become one of the deep-rooted emotion for that person and it remains lifelong.

The positive welcoming energy fills the child with a positive attitude which helps him throughout life.

Emotional aspect - 

Creating a baby is just like a project, even a lifetime project.
So you need to handle it with stability and patience. It's very much important to stabilize the hormonal values. When all the hormones will get released properly then only the perfect fertilization will happen.

We all know that there is a gland in our brain called the hypothalamus gland, which is responsible to signal our body and release hormones accordingly. It controls our appetite, thirst, sexual behaviors, body temperature, the functioning of our liver, kidney, and uterus, etc.
so its a very important gland during pregnancy, and unnecessary stress and anxiety can affect these hormonal releases.

That's why it is very very important to reduce the stress in small situations, have a let go behavior, forgive small issues happening in the family for your own health, create a happy and soothing environment around you bring harmony in relations.
It is the duty of the couple as well as all the family members to get physically, mentally and emotionally ready before the arrival of the baby.

So please please please get mentally, physically, and emotionally ready to welcome the baby wholeheartedly, and give him/her a wonderful personality before the birth.

Please share your comments if you liked these simple yet essential ways to have a 'pregnancy with a positive attitude towards a new life'.

Happy Pregnancy

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  1. Very beautiful article... A pregnant lady and her family members should always take care of such things to have a baby filled with perfection.

  2. 👌🏻Good one.. i'll also consider given points whenever i plan a baby...

  3. Thanks for sharing such untouched topic where we always look at the physical aspect of pregnancy... The mental and emotional impact is a must to be taken care of..


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