Bacterial vs viral infection including coronavirus info bacteria vs virus

"Problems have no measurement...Their size depends upon our capacity to handle them. "

Bacteria and viruses are also micro-sized problems that can lead us to major health issues.

Bacterial and viral infections:

There are so many common things in bacterial and viral infections.
Both infections are caused by microorganisms - bacteria and viruses. 

These infections spread by such common things:

  • Coughing and sneezing.
  • Contact with infected people like handshake or kissing.
  • Contact with contaminated surfaces, food, and water.
  • Contact with infected creatures, including pets or insects such as fleas, ticks or mosquitoes.

Type of infections:

  • Acute infections, which are short-lived.
  • Chronic infections that last for weeks, months, or a lifetime.
  • Latent infections may not cause symptoms at first but can reactivate over a period of months and years.
Hence bacterial and viral infections can cause diseases that can be mild, moderate or severe.

So the question arises 'which infection is more dangerous bacterial or viral'? 
Quora answers - 
  1. The number of cases caused by viruses in infectious diseases is larger and wider.
  2. Viral diseases have fewer treatments than bacterial diseases;
  3. The mutation rate of the virus is relatively high, and it is easier to appear mutants under screening pressure.
  4. From the point of view of infecting human diseases, viruses account for 2% of the total infectious diseases, which highlights the harmfulness of the virus.
  5. In addition, one of the platitudes is that we have antibiotics for bacteria, but no (or few) specific drugs for viruses.
This results that viral infections can be more dangerous than bacterial infections.

Both the microbes are very small which can't be seen through naked eyes, but there is a huge difference amongst the two.

The difference in Virus & Bacteria :


  1. They are considered as living organisms.
  2. They can grow on their own. 
  3. They don't need any human or animal cells for reproduction.
  4. It can be either beneficial or harmful.i.e. some good bacteria help in digestion while some bad ones cause diseases.
  5. Fewer than 1% of bacteria cause diseases in people.
  6. Bacterial infections are - food poisoning, gastritis, ulcers, etc.
  7. These infections can be prevented by antibiotics.


  1. Viruses are not considered living organisms.
  2. They can not grow on their own.
  3. They need a host cell-like human or animal living cell for reproduction.
  4. There is nothing like a good Virus. they are mostly harmful.
  5. As compared to bacteria most of the viruses do cause disease, and they're quite specific about the cells they attack. They can attack the cells in the liver, respiratory system or blood.
  6. Viral infections are - pneumonia, cough, cold, flu, chickenpox, etc.
  7. No antibiotic works, these infections can be prevented by only vaccines. 

Looking at these differences we found that viruses are more dangerous than bacteria.

Today the most dangerous virus being discussed is the 'CORONA VIRUS'.

corona virus

Here we tried to provide you every possible information regarding this virus.

  • What is Corona Virus
  •  The history and origin of Coronavirus
  •  The symptoms of Coronavirus
  •  Prevention and precaution of Corona Virus

What is Corona Virus:

Corona is not a single virus, its a group of viruses.
Its name has been taken from the Latin word CORONA which means 'CROWN' as this virus looks like a crown in shape.

It is found in some animals. 

Which is called 'Zoonotic'.. which means it spreads in humans from animals.

So it originates from animals ... then spreads through human to human transmission.

In this group of viruses all the viruses are not dangerous, only a few of them can infect us severely... leading to very harmful diseases.

Amongst these harmful viruses 3 of them are :

  1. SARS-Cov  -  Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus.
  2. MERS-Cov - Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus
  3. COVID -19 - Novel Coronavirus (also known as - SARS-CoV -2)
 The history and origin of Coronavirus:

    SARS-Cov came into existence in 2003, it was a serious form of pneumonia. when more than 700 people have died. The main source of this kind of virus was found in Bats.

    MERS-Cov came into existence in 2012 in Saudi Arabia, then got spread in  Africa, Asia & Europe. Camels were found as the main source of this kind of virus.

    But after 2015 no type of CORONA VIRUS was detected.

    Now in December 2019 WHO  declared a new type of virus named "NOVEL CORONA VIRUS".

    Novel means new. So this new virus was named NOVEL CORONA VIRUS.

    It starts with normal infections and then leads to death threatening diseases.

    The novel coronavirus is similar to SARS, which started from bats.

    Its other name is SARS-Cov-2.

    In December 2019 it is known to be spread from a seafood market of one of the cities of China known as 'Wuhan'.

    That's why it also being called Wuhan Virus.

    Now Coronavirus COVID-19 is expanding its feet very rapidly everywhere - Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Italy, United States, London, & India.

    The symptoms of Coronavirus:

    Some of the common symptoms of this virus are - headache, cough, cold, throat infection, fever just like any other viral infection. But in extreme cases it can lead to severe pneumonia.

     Prevention and precaution of Corona Virus:

      This Virus is different from other viruses as it stays for a long time.
      Even on the surfaces of metal, plastic & paper it can stay for months.

      So it is tough to kill this virus easily. No antibiotic is working for it and no vaccine could be made till now.

      So the better way to prevent from it is to have precautions like :

      maintain hygiene, cover your mouth and nose while sneezing and coughing, use hand sanitizers very often or wash your hands regularly rubbing them for at least 20 seconds.

      Avoid seafood, raw food, best possible outside open market food.

      Avoid handshake, kissing, hugging.

      Still if you get affected by this don't panic. If you have a good immunity system Corona Virus can not harm you.

      I hope you found this information helpful. please let me know in the comments below... 

      Take care, 

      Team inspiration


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