Beautiful 41 quotes to keep moving positively in life

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"Life" is a word that fills you with energy, enthusiasm and newness... how much we all are concerned to make our life really full of life?

Our day to day activities, difficulties, situations, responsibilities & commitments lead our life towards a burdened, boring and nothing new type of phase.

Here this article is all about energizing you to again sit back and look at your life with a new perspective and live your life to the fullest. 

These 41 beautiful quotes will act as your daily revitalizing pills to enhance and boost your energy to have a wonderful and beautiful life for yourself and your loved ones.

Learn from ABCs, If plan 'A' doesn't work then don't wait just go for 25 other ways in life.

Failure or success in both the stages people will talk about you... As inspiration on succeeding and learning on failure.

Whenever the thinking cracks, the relationship breaks.

know who you are, what makes you happy

It doesn't matter how others see you... You just need to know who you are and what makes you happy. 

Being happy doesn't mean that everything is fine, this means that you have learned to live above your sorrows.

Do not be sad if the world doubts your ability because the purity of gold is doubted, not of iron.

change something daily, secret of success, idea, plan , action

Your daily routine contains the secrets of your success. Life is not gonna change until you change something daily.

What will you become tomorrow depends upon whatever you are doing today... not whatever you are saying today.

When snakes are seen at home, people kill them with sticks, and if the snake is seen on the shiva linga, then feed it with milk.
This shows people don't respect you, but your location and position.

happiness, smiley, thumbs up

The happiness of the present is much more important than the sadness of your past and the fear of the future.

A true mate is not the one who stands around you in the photo, but he is the one who stands around you in your problems.

sun, clouds, change around you

Suddenly you see things changing around you?? that means something is changing inside you.

Concentrate all thoughts to your work. The rays of the sun do not burn, but if focused on its wake, it becomes very powerful.

Opportunity and sunrise have the same similarity... Delayers lose them.

live life to the fullest, life is a privilege, joy, happiness

Live life to the fullest... Because life itself is a privilege.

Smile and help are the two perfumes, the more you put on others, the more you smell yourself.

The power of "pride" changes the angel into the devil, but "humility" is also no less powerful, she makes an ordinary person an "angel".

only one day left
The choice is yours - One day or Day one.

Live life like it is not for you, you are for life.

Earlier people had taught that time changes…
Now the time has taught that, people also change…

feeling, feel happy, enjoy

We used to think that it would take a lot of time to change a life... but who knew that the changing time will change the life itself. 

This life is a mirror, you smile, she will smile too.


A lamp never speaks, its light introduces itself. In the same way, you need not say anything your good deeds will automatically introduce you. 

action, bike

Some things are safe in the defense of the weak, such as iron coins in mud piggy bank. It is just a matter of trust. 

Every morning of life brings some conditions and every evening of life goes by giving some experience.

God has created everyone like a unique diamond, but only that one shines who goes through the extent of sharpening.

think well, you become what you think

You become what you think, so what goes into thinking well.

Who has seen tomorrow, then losing today why??
If you can laugh in moments why should you cry??

This is life, you can't solve it without getting confused similarly you can't be unique without getting shattered. 

new strength, new ideas, new day

One who trusts his powers never fails. 

Always try to understand each other in life instead of testing.

More and more expectations from life are the biggest enemy of true happiness in life.

chess, defeat, win

People who waste half of their power to fear and panic their difficulties can overcome at least half the crisis if employed to think of ways to deal with it. 

When the whole world says - give up
the heart softly says - try again you can do it.

Waking up early is always beneficial, whether it is from sleep or from ego, or from misconception.

dreams, eye, beautiful

Life is not so easy to understand
Sometimes you stay away from loved ones for your dreams
and sometimes away from dreams for your loved ones.

Thoughts are a reflection of our emotions.

Never think in life, why is a bad person happier than me. But it must be thought, why is a better man than me sad?

thoughts, height, beautiful scene, sky

Keep your feet on the ground and your thoughts on the heights of the high.

It is a matter of our own perspective, otherwise, everything in life is beautiful.

Don't feel bad if people misunderstand you, because they can understand you only up to their understanding.

A positive thought leads to a positive life, a positive relationship, positive health and a positive wealth and all these things are the key aspects of happy living. 
so we wish you a happy and healthy life forever along with these beautiful life quotes to bring positivity and brightness in your life...

Please feel free to share these quotes to make other's life valuable too... 

Let us know in the comments below which one you liked the most and how any one of these quotes transformed your life.

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