How to make your life interesting daily at no cost

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Daily this question comes across each one of us that 'how to make your life interesting at no cost'?

People try so many ways to make a happy living but they need to pay a huge amount of their hard-earned money to make all those arrangements to have fun like - shopping, going on a trip, parties, clubs, etc.

All these things give happiness for sure but this happiness doesn't last long.
Finally, we again search in google "how to make your life interesting daily at no cost".  

Here this article will answer this question and give you some very simple tips to enjoy your life every moment.

before starting we would like to ask one question - what do you mean by the word interesting?

interesting movie, enjoy every moment

Well, interesting means something in which you get involved so much that you won't like to miss even a single moment of it like - a suspense movie or an interesting cricket match.

Now when you say a movie or a match is interesting that means the story going on is engaging your mind totally. 

If we ask you to watch the same movie or the same cricket match again and again you will definitely get bored. It is the story you are getting bored or the players/actors who are making you feel bored.

It is the story for sure, you can watch another movie or another game with the same players/actors isn't it?

Similarly, you can not change the people around you like your family members, colleagues, friends, neighbors, but what you can change is your attitude towards life.

Our mind wants a new feeling of excitement all the time. How many times in your life you have experienced this kind of feeling

Well, I guess every time whenever you got something new to enjoy, Like a new toy in childhood, a new dress, a new house, a new job, a new friend, a newly married life, etc.

It is impossible to get something new daily but only one thing is possible that is to get a new feeling every day. 

Here are the ways to get a new feel every day and make your life interesting daily at no cost -

  1. Feel the new you every day
  2. Wish yourself a happy birthday every morning
  3. charge yourself daily
  4. Heal your mind body and soul
  5. Bring stability by being closer to nature
  6. Be grateful to the god and the destiny for the wonderful life
  7. Lighten the load in your surrounding
  8. Lighten your mind with the mantra - 'forgive and forget'

1) Feel the new you every day:

Every night we sleep keeping our to-do list of tomorrow in the mind, what if we could not wake up next morning?
Only this thought fills us with a fear of losing our precious life, our health, and our responsibilities.

That is why we should understand that this whole universe is working perfectly just for us. Earth has taken a new revolution, planets are changing their position, the sun is shining continuously... just to keep you alive.

So get up and feel the new you every day... when everything in nature is changing to give a new day a new moment for new opportunities to live life to its fullest.... why can't we have this attitude to have a new feel for everything.

feel the new you, welcome sun, every morning brings gifts

2) Wish yourself a happy birthday every morning:

On our birthday we wait eagerly for the lovely wishes from our friends and relatives as it makes our day memorable.

Similarly every day you are getting a new birth, every morning brings happiness, peace, and opportunities to lead your life positively and wonderfully.

So every morning get up and wish yourself 'happy birthday' and really feel the magic of these words for rocking life every day.

3) Charge yourself daily:

We start our day by charging all our electronic devices to use them throughout the day. If we can not live with a discharged device even on a single day, how can you think you can survive with a discharged mind and body the whole day??

charge yourself daily

In your busy schedule, it is tough to go to a dance class but it is such a wonderful exercise that it involves your mind and body fully leading you towards great happiness for the whole day.

Just pick any dance cover video in Youtube which takes less than 5 minutes and rock your body on any one of your favorite songs, It doesn't matter how do you dance its only for your own happiness so feel free and wave your hands, tap your feet to get charged.

4) Heal your mind body and soul:

Every day your mind body and soul needs a little bit of healing. You do not need to spend lots of time on this, very little effort can help you to make space for such things in your busy routine. 

# If you do not have time for exercise in the gym - try to use stairs instead of lift twice a week.

# You always think of doing meditation but don't know how to start it - do it right now close your eyes and start counting your breath for at least 1 minute. start gradually with 1 minute then increase the count by a minute daily, this will become a habit for you day by day.

# You don't have time for yoga - try doing some stretching at your desk at the workplace or on the bed at home. at least something is better than nothing.

5) Bring stability by being closer to nature: 

You have always seen beautiful landscape paintings in hotels, tourist places & houses, why do we use such paintings hanging on the wall?

I guess to give a fresh soothing feel to the guests. We go for an outing on the hills, seashores, rivers, green fields or parks for a change.

Do you think you can be closer to nature daily without going anywhere? Yes, you can - by simply looking at the serene sky, glowing moon, twinkling stars, blossoming flowers just from your balcony.

bring stability to life by being closer to the nature , serene sky

Being closer to nature we can give immense peace and stability to the mind, which can help the mind take the right decisions coolly in difficult situations.

6) Be grateful to the god and the destiny for the wonderful life:

Whenever you feel that you are good for nothing, you don't have any support, life is not going your way - get up and visit any slum area or any hospital nearby.

Go and see how people are suffering in their day to day activities, they do not have good food to eat, nice clothes to wear, beautiful house to live in, their body is not working perfectly to enjoy the life.

look at slums and compare your life

You are blessed really blessed, aren't you ??
A beautiful house, delicious food, nice clothes, nice warm water in the shower and most importantly a perfectly fit body to enjoy all these gifts given by God and Destiny.

So please say the small word 'thank you' for these precious gifts.

7) Lighten the load in your surrounding:

Everything around us reflects the energy, that is why our surrounding is very much important to have a positive feel.

A loaded, burdened, clumsy room or a clean, organized, beautiful room??
decide which room you would prefer?

Remember a loaded and clumsy surrounding leads to a bulky mind. Hence try to keep a refreshing, clean, and beautiful area around you.

# Throw all unwanted broken stuff -
Your house or office must be having some of the other stuff which you would have kept in the hope to get them repaired and use again.
Years passed but you could not repair them although some of them would have been outdatedNow is the time just look for it and throw it away as soon as possible.

#Check your wallet and drawers-
How many of you have burdened your wallet with so many visiting cards which are not of any use but still you are carrying the load in your pocket daily?
Your office drawers are filled with so many unused papers and left unattended. Please check them once a month and keep them light and see how do you feel after doing that. I am sure this will help you to feel like a feather next time.

#Peep into your wardrobe-
Our dearest wardrobe managing all our pretty dresses, but how many dresses we have not used for years? Thinking one day I will get back to my old shape and will fit into this dress again. Please do not pile up new dresses over the old unused ones and make your wardrobe bulky. 
donate your unwanted stuff, take blessings by donating

Dare to lighten your wardrobe by donating the dresses to them who do not have enough piece of cloth to cover their body. 
This will help you in two ways - 
1. You will feel lightened by opening the wardrobe next time.
2. You will feel blessed by giving clothes to the needy person.

8) Lighten your mind with the mantra - 'forgive and forget':

Our mind has the capability of remembering things whether it is a bad thing or a good thing. Our feelings and emotions depend upon what is running inside the mind. So it is very much important to keep your mind light and happy all the time. But it is not possible to think positively all the time then what to do?

surrounding, peace of mind, forgive and forget

The simple mantra is - 'forgive and forget'.
Whenever you get involved in nasty discussions just think how important this discussion is for you and for your health. Sometimes we get involved in useless things which waste our time and fill our mind with useless things which keep on running in the mind continuously, so it is better to forgive the person and forget the situation because our health is the most important thing for a happy living.

Keep on saying 'forgive and forget' until you start feeling light. Try to think of some best moments with that person because situations are not the same all the time. Forgiveness is the best key to have a happy and healthy mind and heart.

So we hope we answered the question "how to make your life interesting daily at no cost" and helped you somewhere to lead an interesting, happy, healthy, and meaningful life.

Please let us know in the comments below which is the best way you found suitable for your routine.

Have a wonderful life ahead :)
Team Inspiration

Best 'Team inspiration' answers on FAQs about "How to make your life interesting."

Q-1. How to make your office life interesting?

Ans: We generally start feeling bored about the same routine every day and work pressure burdening the mind every time.

#1 Try to explore new things, new work areas along with your dedicated work.

#2 Try to find new ways to reach your office from home, to make your travel a little exciting for a good start.

#3 Always make new groups, meet new people instead of a fixed group of friends, so that new kinds of talks and ideas will fresh-n-up your mind.

Q-2. How to make your married life more interesting?

Ans: There are so many simple but effective ways to make your married life interesting:

#1 Always respect each other's qualities.

#2 Never show your love for just show off, love from within by ignoring small mistakes, and admiring every single effort made to make your life better.

#3 Take out time for each other even in the busiest schedule, talk about your anxieties, fears, tensions, and try to resolve each other's problems as much as possible.

#4 Love is not about the expectation from your partner, but its the feeling of devotion. So instead of setting up unnecessary expectations just think how much you can give in your relationship.    

Q-3. How to make your life interesting when you have a mental illness?

Ans: Well in case of mental illness, it is very much important to keep your mind calm and peaceful. so here are some ways:

#1 Keep yourself busy as much as you can.

#2 Stick to your hobby like dance, music, painting helps a lot to keep your mind relaxed. 

#3 If you have kids at home play with them, kids are major stress busters and try to do something new every day like rearranging your furniture, plan a small trip, trying new recipes, watching your old pictures and arranging your albums, etc.


  1. Thank you for showing us a new path to explore life in new ways and make it happening.

    1. I am happy to help :)
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  2. very true for the present time where nobody hasthe time for self and have anxity and stress in the life. this will be the way to change them.

  3. Beautiful and simple ways to make our life interesting.... I liked the 'charge yourself by dancing for 5 minutes' the best...

    1. thanks a lot for your precious comment, and daily get charged by dancing :)

  4. Really u show us the ways to make our life interesting..👍🏻👌🏻

    1. thanks a lot for liking the post. hope you really fill your life with energy, happiness and positivity.

  5. Thanks for sharing these points with us.There is lot to learn and yes surely we can all achieve it with positive attitude.We should have grateful attitude towards everything.

    1. yes we should and this is the way to live happily in any situation of life.

  6. Thank you for these Insights, looking forward to more inspiring posts

    1. Definitely... team inspiration is on the way to provide more and more inspiring posts ahead.

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  9. Thank you so much for the wonderful content. I really appreciate your efforts of explaining everything so beautifully and in the simplest way possible.

    Every point you made in this blog definitely works when lived.
    Then why I read this post all the way when I am practicing it already?
    Like we need food for body everyday at least 2 times, we also need food for mind and consciousness regularly too to be in the rhythm, to stay motivated, to stay focused and fight the challenges in day to day life with positive attitude.

    Looking forward to more posts.

    1. Thanks for the wonderful comment... your valuable comment energized me to write more and more....


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