How to Inspire Yourself 

inspire, spark, energy, hope

"INSPIRE" a word that describes itself...
  • I     "I can do it" attitude
  • N   "No excuses"
  • S    "Set Priority"
  • P    "Perform"
  • I     "Introspection"
  • R    "Rate yourself Honestly"
  • E    "Enjoy your work"

Inspiration can be defined as the excitement of the mind to a high level of feeling or activity.
inspiration is excitement of mind to a high level of feeling,

Here are the ways that help you to inspire yourself to keep going...

I - "I can do it" attitude

Somewhere in life, we all get inspired by different things in different ways. yet, inspiration is all around you and can appear at a moments notice.

Observe your surroundings - you never know a little birdie making its nest again and again can inspire you to overcome your failures to show you that if
 "I can do it" why can't you...

bird building nest can inspire you to overcome failure

Tiny ants climbing up with its food... can inspire you and tell you if "I can do it" why can't you... 

ants bringing food with difficulty can inspire you not to get tired and keep on working towards the goal

what's stopping you??
Are you too tired of working hard? don't have enough energy? don't have enough money? don't have enough time? don't have enough space? ... is really that the thing???

Or the thing that's stopping you is ..."YOU"...

N- "No excuses"

Don't let procrastination overcome you.

  • Procrastination - don't let it overcome you.
  • Don't wait for a good mood.
  • Take action the moment you feel inspired.
  • Say No to excuses.
Excuses sound best but...

Robin Sharma the writer of "The monk who sold his Ferrari" says... 
           Recognize the excuses are not valid... they are lies.. just lies.. and you have to stop them... 
And how would you stop them..??
with the help of an honest truth... and the truth is...

You have time, the skill, the knowledge, the support, the will power, and the discipline to get it done.
how to inspire yourself
how to inspire yourself

Tomorrow, tomorrow .... there is no such thing as tomorrow..... everything is just today..... so just get up and go for it.

S - Set Priority

Start small - all the big leaders, businessmen, actors, players... didn't change the world in one day...

It takes time to master your work ...
So don't lose hope in one go...
Make small changes day by day and build on it...

how to inspire yourself
how to inspire yourself

A short story on priority...

There was a man technically sound, knowledgeable, very hardworking and optimistic...
Always dreaming of becoming the most successful and richest person in his town...
how to inspire yourself
how to inspire yourself

Started a software company without any prior business knowledge or experience...
Thinking that in the whole town only he is the one who has mastered this technology so no one can even touch his height of success ...

Always prioritize your work before making a plan

His colleagues suggested him to make a nice plan and start the business on a small scale and see how it works then slowly enlarge it.

But the man being very passionate about his work didn't listen to anyone...

Being optimistic he assumed that in any case he is going to succeed and earn a very big amount and become very rich... 

He started making his own plans without prioritizing what is the first need for his business.

1. Firstly he became busy arranging so many bank accounts and lockers to keep the loads of money he is going to earn.                
first work hard to earn money then arrange lockers and bank accounts to save it

2. Ordered hundreds of electronic gadgets to make a 
hi-tech office to impress clients.

3. Then for a long time was fully busy making a beautiful office building no one has seen like before.

4. Ordered thousands of costly official dresses not to be repeated on even a single day...

5. He proposed the most beautiful girl in the town to marry him saying that he is going to be the richest in a couple of months.

All these arrangements already made him in a great debt...

Admiring a bright future now he stared his work honestly...
But by the time this man was busy doing unnecessary things,

The knowledge and technology he was going to use in his business has become outdated...and couldn't get a good market for his business and finally lost everything.

So it is a must to prioritize your work and start small and quick with a proper plan.

P - Perform

how to inspire yourself

Everyone has a little different perspective on their own inspiration.  

When the inner flame kicks in and you feel that passion and motivation to perform... And if u start performing and the flame burns out...

when the inner flame kicks in, you feel the passion and motivation to perform

Don't worry, just keep trying and revisit that initial thought and feeling when you were first inspired, i.e. keep on performing to achieve your goal.

how to inspire yourself

Stop feeling sorry for yourself... stop telling your sad stories to everyone.. because no one will hand you up to anything...

Its time for you to take advantage of the access and the resources that you have in your own surroundings.

I - Introspect yourself

Most of the time we look around for any inspiration but sometimes it is inside us we have just to find it out because you are the only one who can understand the "YOU" in yourself in a better way.

A short story on 'Introspection':

There was a fish happily living in the river all day swimming and enjoying its life.
how to inspire yourself

One giraffe living beside the river always felt jealous of it, kept watching the fish, dreaming of itself swimming and playing in the nice and cool water of the river.
If a fish can't live on land, then giraffe can't swim in water. So always introspect your own qualities instead of comparing with others.

Giraffe:  'Hey fish' how do you feel in this river?

Fish: Oh! it is nice and wonderful to live here, I m fully enjoying my life.

Giraffe: But I feel so unfortunate for you...
                if you could come out of the water and stand tall here on the bank of the river.

You could see the wonderful view of the river which is much more relaxing than just living in and swimming in the river.

Fish: 'really??' Oh I wish I could stay on the land and see this wonderful view.

Now these statements kept on striking fish's mind and she forgot to enjoy her life, all the time thinking how useless life she has.

She discussed this matter to another fish describing that she has no capabilities, can't even go out of the river, so her life is totally waste. 

Always have true friends to guide you in a right direction

Friend-fish: Are you out of your mind?? you were living here happily suddenly someone came and made you useless??

Just go and introspect yourself... If you can't live on land then the giraffe can't swim in the water then he is useless too.

Now the fish got to know its real powers and thanks god for gifting her such a wonderful capability to survive underwater.

The moral of the story is introspection gives you the power to realize your true potential to succeed in every aspect of life.

R - Rate yourself Honestly

Its always better to be the first-rate version of yourself than the second-rate version of others.

A short story on value -  

A magician was showing his tricks to the people...
He took a 1000 Rs note from a man and changed it into an old rotten piece of paper.

how to inspire yourself

Magician: I've changed your thousand rupee note into this old rotten piece of paper would you still like to accept it back??

Man: Yes I would like to...

Magician: What if I change it into a birdies feather??

how to inspire yourself

Man: Still I would like to take it back...

Magician: If I convert into a stone??

Man: U can only change the way it looks but u can not change its value...

Making it an old paper it would be treated as an antique piece of paper changing into feather it may become the most unique feather no one has seen before and converting into stone it may become the most precious gemstone. 

how to inspire yourself

Finally the magician had to return the money back to the man.

So the moral of the story is - if you are valuable, people will accept you as you are... No one can change your value... 

You just need to rate yourself honestly.. and keep on increasing your rate by adding more values to it...

 E - Enjoy your work

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life...
 and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

“I think the foremost quality there’s no success without it is really loving what you do... If you love it, you do it well, and there’s no success if you don’t do well what you’re working at.”

It is very much important how do you love your job... what do you like about your work...when you are in flow... your mind works much faster and generates positive vibes to energize you...

When you totally indulge you feel it like a game and enjoy each and every bit of it.

So we wish you all the best to inspire yourself each and every moment and keep going towards something creative and happening...

Always keep smiling :)
Team Inspiration

Best answers from team inspiration on Frequently Asked Questions on "How to inspire yourself." 

Q-1. How to inspire yourself after facing failure in life, or in competitions/exams?

Ans: Whenever you face a failure you try to hide yourself and that fear of facing the difficult situation trap your mind to make you unable to do anything better in your life again. So the best way to inspire yourself to overcome your fears is - 

#1 Start accepting that yes maybe this time I m not prepared well but I will not give up.

#2 All the famous personalities, toppers, successful persons didn't make it in just a click. They faced failure and learned from it. So you are also on the same path. 

#3 Discover your own loopholes, your plannings, preparations, and pros-n cons regarding your goal may be totally different than others, so never try to copy anyone.

#4 Look back and see since childhood you might be worried about so many things, but now they seem to be no more difficult for you. So this time will also pass and you will get over it. just have faith in you.

Q-2. How do you inspire yourself for the big changes coming in your life?

Ans: Life always tests you to make a balance on its sinusoidal curves. The more balanced you are, the happier you will be. Otherwise, you can go on waving along with the wave.
Now to make a balance in life you need to keep on adjusting yourself according to the changes happening in your life.

#1 Always try to get ready for any surprise from life.

#2 Never follow a strict stubborn nature otherwise you will always face difficulty in dealing with people.

#3 Never run behind a perfect lifestyle, because no one gets everything perfect in life.

#4 Be thankful to god for a perfect body, mind, soul, fresh air to breathe, nice water, and food for the survival.... instead of always blaming and crying for what you do not have. 

Q-3. How to inspire yourself to get ready for an adventure first time?

Ans: Adventure fills you with excitement but on the other hand you have a fear in your mind which stops you to take the decision to go or not to go for it.

 #1 Before planning any adventure try to set up your mind by filling it with every possible knowledge about the sport.

#2 Fear is nothing but a lack of knowledge to handle things properly. So instead of excitement just learn every possible trick and method to handle any circumstance during the adventure.

#3 Most importantly take care of your physical fitness which is a must to go for any kind of adventure.


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